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    So I have met a, quite big, problem which makes me unable to publish my map (that's quite a big problem right?).

    To start off, my map was doing fine.  Everything worked perfectly... Until I added the Coop Mod (Allied Commanders).  Since then, when I try to publish my map, it ends up telling me:


    Script failed to compile: Expected a boolean expression (See Trigger Editor for more details)

    The line/problem (in the file "Generated"):

    11 if (lib1_InitVariables_completed) { return; } LHZHkR2 = true;

    It's in this function:
    10 void lJjCBNR () {
    11 if (lib1_InitVariables_completed) { return; } FSQIwZR = true;
    12 }

    So my guess is that lib1_InitVariables_completed doesn't receive a boolean.

    Also, if it may help, I can still Test the map (playing it).
    Is there something I could be doing wrong with the coop mod?  In fact, I didn't touch the triggers, nor UI nor anything but the Data for the units.


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