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    posted a message on Good Screen Recorder?
    Quote from wOlfLisK: Go

    @BorgDragon: Go

    Right click -> Open Media -> Open Capture Device -> Change to Desktop -> Choose where to save it (or not) -> Stream

    I howl you for this.

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    posted a message on C# or C++, level editors.

    Language doesn't matter as long as you can convert the algorithms and converts into the other one, v.v.

    Mapformat -> DisplayMode -> Mapformat

    But i would use something for fast interface programming if the libs are working together (decompression mainly and all that stuff) or so i would prefer VC# or VC++ instead of C++ due to easiness of tool programming in it (and as long as not publishing it for all OS use)

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    posted a message on Good Screen Recorder?

    Fraps (free) has 30seconds limitation iirc.

    Another issue could be lack of hard-drive space

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    @redmarine: Go

    Wikipedia says: standardized test for college approval

    0 or 2*pi01
    360°0 or 2*pi01

    (you only really require the first half of it ... if you ever)


    Also a side note: A pizza with the radius z and height a has the volume: Pi*z*z*a

    Conversation from deg to rad

    1° = pi/180

    rad(x°) = x*( pi/(180) )

    Pi is also used for rotation of vectors, matrices, etc. all that stuff

    to get a point on a circle line with radius r (in 2D) i don't think 3D would be required for college approval :o
    (notation hint:

    • ^ = means -> above so ... vector
    • <e = element of )

    R² -> R²
    degrees <e R²
    rad = rad(degrees%360)
    ^p <e R² (2d vector)

    ^p.x = cos(rad)*r
    ^p.y = sin(rad)*r

    also a good site:


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    posted a message on Has anyone been able to alter the max map size yet?

    @Xtremedesyr: Go

    yeah but maps in wc3 were hosted by players not bnet; in sc2 they are hosted by bnet2 and validation is also a part of publishing so i guess no;

    but there were already steps toward 512x512 sized maps in beta ; and someone built one dunno how well it worked but i think was only able through different editor

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    Quote from Vexal: Go

    It sounds like a trade skill. I'm not sure I that's worthwhile in the professional world. I have no idea what's required to be a game designer. Computer science sounds close. But designers don't program. So, I really don't know.

    If the Game designer does not know anything about programming, he does not know the border of imagination for himself.(Or requires way more experience which is hard to get as Junior Game Designer often require, already 3 years experience either in Game Industry or Game Programming(!) )
    Additional, math is also a plus in typical computer science degrees.

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    posted a message on Need a little help from everybody.

    System: Win7 Prof x64

    Total HD953766691722262044Missing other drives / partitions
    Used HD-------667575--------Same as above
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    posted a message on Objects in Java, making them work.

    @StatusQ3: Go

    protected is available to "child-classes" of the "base-class" while private is only available to the true owner (java has it too as far as i know - so if you want to extend smth it's useful to use protected - or you generate them with fixed values ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_syntax#Accessing_members

    You can do private as long as you don't create extensions of it which require to use this argument too, if that's the case i would make them protected :x due to lazyness in writing

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    posted a message on Objects in Java, making them work.

    @StatusQ3: Go

    Quote from StatusQ3: Go

    To add onto that, my book reads: "When you create an object, it has its own version of all variables that are part of the object's class. Each object created from the Virus class of objects has its own version of the newSeconds, maxFileSize and author variables. If you modified one of these variables in an object, it would not affect the same variable in another Virus object." If what I understand this correctly, that means that any variables you make in an object, are only for that object and nothing else? Or can they be used for other objects too? Or am I taking this completely the wrong way?

    Any object which is created by Virus()-Constructor has the same amount of variables, with the same name; also know as Attributes(Variables) & Methods (Functions) - except for what Catalisk said; static is shared between objects of same class (so virusCount = totalViruses - so you might end up doing a virusCount++; on construct and virusCount--; on deconstruct call)

    as far as i know Virus <name> = new <Constructo>(...); is the correct one for java

    think it's same like in C++ (or atleast very similiar)

    #include "virus.h"
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
     Virus firstVirus = Virus(86);
    #include <math>
    #include <string>
    class Virus{
    public: //open for external use
     Virus(int nS) //constructor
      this->maxFileSize=0x1 << 15; // or 14 not sure yet; creating 2^15
      this->author="Sam Snett";
    protected: //shared with inherits
     unsigned int newSeconds;
     unsigned int maxFileSize;
     string author;
    private: //no share
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    posted a message on Be apart of sc2mapster online!

    don't tell me the quote is serious business o.o - i just took a random one :o

    if so ... ->

    Color : #336699
    Quote: "The wizard did it."

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    posted a message on Be apart of sc2mapster online!
    Quote from Molsterr: Go

    What I need from you, If you want to be in it, post, with a "quote" and a "color"


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    posted a message on Time Crunched

    join IRC when you are online/awake/active.


    There are still bunch of peoples awake/active while their timezone is sleeping/etc.

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    posted a message on Objects in Java, making them work.

    @StatusQ3: Go

    Let's say you are working on a 2D sprite based game - so you have a class: (note this is kinda pseudo language mixed with c++)

    struct VECTOR2 {
     float x;
     float y;
     VECTOR2(float _x, float _y){
    this->x = _x;
    this->y = _y;
    class CObject {
     SetSize(VECTOR2 size);
     SetTexture( texture tex);
     ...more sets... 
     ...some gets...
     VECTOR2 pos; //position on game plane
     VECTOR2 size; //size of object
     texture _texture; //actual image/sprite
     VECTOR2 mov_v; //movement vector
     VECTOR2 mov_a; //acceleration vector
     ..some more privates..
    //some debug stuff
    ...insert debug stuff...

    so basically an object would be a collection which provides "utility" & necessary functions into ONE "tool"

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    posted a message on Objects in Java, making them work.

    Just as addition:
    It's called "class" because it is more generic than "object" - object is something that actually you can interact with - while a class is also virtual. (non-programming)

    You can touch a GameObject - but you cannot touch the GameEngine which is handling the Objects - but still is/could be a class - as example.

    Or in other words - an object is a derivative of a class.

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    posted a message on Why is my avatar a debatesling?

    Animated avatars were replaced by this cute zergling. Refering to replace it by a non-animated one.

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