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    I'm still in :D ; must be webchat node

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    @acidragoon: Go

    GarryMod ? Ahh old times wiring things together in GarryMod

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    posted a message on Account Exchange

    @EternalWraith: Go

    i think that's for ppl moving from Europe to NA / Korea or smth like that;

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    posted a message on PC build

    Just as note: the i5-2400 (3.1GHz 4cores; sandy bridge etc.) costs 180€ or 194$ on amazon.com (so approx 180$ at other dealers) iirc; i bought it because there was a 2.8GHz one from intel costing more than that one oO; and motherboards fully supporting LGA 1155 sockets (Sandy-bridge) costs approx 100€ ie ASUS P8P67 - but that that does not support SLI j4i

    btw. The OS you are planning to use would be a great info; if you are using Win7 4GB RAM is almost just 2 ... as it already "nom noms" your pretty RAM

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    posted a message on Good Screen Recorder?

    @Tekaichi: Go

    VLC like wOlflisk said before - to save the file use Convert option in VLC

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    posted a message on Gathering your Editor feedback & suggestions

    @Sixen: Go

    Improving the token-system in data editor so; atleast last time i tried ( 1.2 ) they were still reseted/not correctly saved

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    posted a message on Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy bday

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    posted a message on You guys thought GUI is bad?

    It's called encryption and makes you indispensable for the team you are working with - as only you understand it :P - so for another guy it would take some time to get into ... so they simply keep you

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    posted a message on C# or C++, level editors.

    @aczchef: Go

    if you talk about code conventions look for Hungarian notation

    hmm but...

    ?:operator also exists in java - look up ?: operator c+.+ for clarification
    &varreference of var
    *vardereference of var
    void*void pointer - can return any value (in functions)
    returntype (*func)(...)function pointer; (...) are the parameters
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    posted a message on Your 1st 3 games

    Commander Keen - can't remember the part
    Seiken Densetsu 1 / Secret of Mana SNES - friend of my brother brought his snes to us with 3 controllers
    Dune - brother&father played it

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    posted a message on News regarding Bnet Marketplace

    Blizzard is having a tough time creating its promised Marketplace for Battle.net – so much so that it's not sure it'll ever launch.

    Blizzard is currently hard at work trying to implement the feature, but admitted to Eurogamer that it's "struggling".

    "As you can imagine there is an immense number of challenges for us to overcome," StarCraft II design lead Dustin Browder told Eurogamer in a new interview.

    "We're trying to deal with those issues. I don't know how we're going to solve some of the player rights issues. How do players protect their own maps so they don't get ripped off by other players? What are the rules of how much you're allowed to charge? There's just a ton of work for us to figure out.

    "We've never, ultimately, built anything like this before. Some of our competitors have and more power to them. But we haven't done it yet. So there's going to be a bunch of work for us to figure out how to get this done. But it's something we're working on."

    Real-time strategy game StarCraft II launched to critical and commercial success in July last year. With it came an editor that has allowed users to create a raft of eye-catching mods.

    The Battle.net Marketplace, announced at Blizzcon 2009, would enable StarCraft II modders to publish both free and "premium maps".

    It was supposed to launch soon after StarCraft II, but in classic Blizzard fashion the Marketplace will be done when it's done.

    "It's definitely a distance down the road," Browder said. "It's not in the next month. It's going to be some distance before we get this in the hands of the fans."

    Is there a chance the marketplace may never release?

    "Who knows, dude? Anything is possible," was Browder's frank response. "We've cancelled whole games before. Warcraft Adventures never made it out and that game was basically done.

    "But we are working very hard on it. We have a bunch of people dedicated to it. I have every hope and belief and faith in its success and we're absolutely committed to getting it done."


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    posted a message on Do we have minecrafters?

    I build my own world from time to time - offline ofc :/ online i got dumped for cutting down a tree on a Nowhere place :(

    A sc2mapster server would be cool idea :P

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    posted a message on C# or C++, level editors.
    Quote from aczchef: Go

    i have a few questions about c+ + i have visual studio for it what kind of project should i use for the general programming cause im just doing input and output right now in cmd prompt

    New -> Project -> Visual C++ -> Win32 -> Win32 Console App (for console app ofc)

    -> Win32 Project for WinAPI projects

    Additional to this:
    read about precompiled headers or uncheck them

    Also look for specific MVS2010 introductions; as the Macros used there are kinda annoying if you are not used to them (instead of main you use _tmain and stuff like that)

    addition to the topic:
    Super Meat Boy for example included the devmode(where TeamMeat created almost every level in) (-devmode) right into their actual game instead of using an extra editor; which is also used in some indie projects, earlier games ie. Gish comes to my mind.

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