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    posted a message on [Bug,Data Editor] Creating Tokens

    While creating tokens for an GenericAbility it happened often that i got the following error showing up on switching from Other or Enum to Link, also happened on clicking Link again.

    Warning: Missing string: EDSTR_OBJECTTYPE_PLURAL_GameHotkeys


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    posted a message on [Misc]! WASD controls and non-Qwerty keyboards
    Quote from ACB1: Go

    its easier to change keyboard layot (eg. <left alt> + <shift> for EN) than make localized hotkeys i would say

    this is true as the only data you could get from Key presses are integer values used by blizzard themselves (-1 to 98), so you are unable to use Scancodes or read the registery entries of your OS for your used Keyboard-layout

    the only way you could "do" it would to ask what layout you use ... and this would start annoy ppl using standard QWERTY/Z layouts :/

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    posted a message on Does the editor crash a lot for you, too?

    It used to crash a bit at the beginning - but atm it didn't crashed for a while :x

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    posted a message on [XML] How to Uberlisk

    I might update this soon - if no one else writes one - if i get another actor related thing working

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    posted a message on US/EU Galaxy Editor

    Did another How-to, to 'fix' it currently for Text and stuff (another way than Fiskers)


    But still would be nice to be able to make a 'default' localization data for all languages :)
    or some kind of pointer, refering your SC2Localization to MapLocalization
    to avoid stuff like that

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    posted a message on [Misc] How-To prevent localization errors

    All the localization stuff currently is causing problems - if you have texts/explainations on your map and all that stuff - and ppl with different clients just can't see your fancy text :(

    Here is a simple way to prevent this and make your text 'generic' to any localization

    If you create a new Text for Tips,Descriptions,Dialogs, etc. they tend to use 'value', those are then stored into the variables used by the game to adjust the text in the game - this will require you to do a lot of localization

    to prevent this you can easily swap to Custom script using

    (StringToText("TextYouWant") + Rest)

    where Rest can either be IntToText, FixedToText etc.(additional text) or nothing

    this way the text will be visible in all localizations rather then just the one your actually sc2beta is.


    SetDialogItemText(scoreDialog, (StringToText("Score: ") + IntToText(gv_score)), (PlayerGroupAll()))

    (#.1) instead of

    SetDialogItemText(scoreDialog, (CombineText("Score: ", (IntToText(score)))), (PlayerGroupAll()))


    in (#.2) the "Score: " will be looked up into your actual LocalizationData (enUS.SC2Data, enGB.SC2Data) etc. until blizzard implements something to point at these localization datas should should use this way to localize your things and prevent ending up like this: Example Picture Thumbnail|Example Picture (game: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/brand-new-scv/ , no offense to the author :) still a funny game)

    Short version: Do not use value for Text
    Use CustomScript with XToText() instead

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    posted a message on Ai League

    You forgot to post this too agweber


    anyway would someone like to do this after GE comes out and it's officially supported?

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    posted a message on You're in the library, why are you talking so loudly?
    Quote from vjeux: Go

    Have you seen the japanese game where they have to make some challenges in a library without laughing too loud? It's really fun :p

    Fist of Zen


    bunch of stuff

    just as hint ... sometimes outdoor is even quiter than any lib

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    posted a message on [XML] How to Uberlisk

    An updated version that does not utilize raw XML editing and is in the GalaxyEditor can be found here.

    I wrote up a pdf, with attached files required for the Uberlisk if any questions are following after reading it / rebuild, construct reverse-engi etc. write here or irc

    the files include not up-to-date datas so use them via extra folder

    in the pdf it is explained how to create a Uberlisk (not directly step-by-step but should give you the right way) with 1 spinecrawler

    Attachment Requirements: To read the "made-of" a pdf-reader

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    posted a message on CBehaviorBuff - Modification indexes

    WeaponDisableArray - Did NOT get this one to work, one thing is for sure, it doesnt work if the weapon is attached in UnitData.xml

    			<WeaponDisableArray value="Marine"/>
    			<WeaponArray Link="Marauder"/>

    it does work fine o.O - in my Enable Marauder weapon for marine thingy

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    posted a message on question about create unit

    You can build them, if you do create the code for it Let other units spawn them on effects/behaviors maybe more is possible but that's what comes up to my mind atm

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    posted a message on Supply Depot

    they are not named 'SupplyDepot' - they are named SupplyDepotLowered if i got it right if they are lowered :)

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    posted a message on [XML] Heros - Level and XP

    there seems to be something weird with the Ability-id, some are valid, some aren't so the training might fail and your hero has all abilities from the start/beginning if you have multiple heroes there seems one way to ensure that your Ability-id is valid, use HeroSkillsUnitname ie. HeroSkillsGuy

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    posted a message on [XML] Heros - Level and XP
    Quote from Alevice: Go

    For the most part, I got WC3 Hero emulation working. It must be noted some things were pretty much duplicated from the aforementioned chinese mod. Some things, like level requirements for skills havent been finished yet. I will get to fix it once I study said mod further. No documentation within yet either.

    It requires a launcher like Zoxc's which allows to pick a mod. Player Race must be protoss, and computer race I recommend zerg, for I have given them a few extra zerglings for testing purposes. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1047844/HeroMod.rar


    to get the level-reqs working you "only" need the following things A CBehaviorBuff with a RemoveValidatorArray A Validator looking like this:

    <CValidatorUnitCompareVeterancyLevel id="BelowLevel6">
    		<Compare value="LT"/>
            <Value value="6"/>

    RemoveValidator for Behaviors remove the buff if the case isn't matched any longer

    Next you need a RequirementData (for this kind of Requirement) you need a Node ( RequirementData.xml

    <CRequirement id="Lv6">
            <NodeArray index="Use" Link="NotLv6"/>


    in the RequirementNodeData.xml you will now need the following

    <CRequirementCountBehavior id="CountBehaviorNotLv6">
            <Count Link="NotLv6" State="CompleteOnlyAtUnit"/>
        <CRequirementNot id="NotLv6">
            <Tooltip value="Level 6"/>
            <OperandArray index="0" value="CountBehaviorNotLv6"/>

    The tooltip attribute prevents something like RequirementNode/Tooltip/NotLv6 in the requirements or null - so it just shows the Requirement make sure you have added your RequirementNodeData.xml to add.mpq2k and having a blank RequirementNodeData.xml in your patch.S2Archive in your "...\Starcraft II Beta\Versions\Base10000"

    Level Requirement

    Other Requirements

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