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    posted a message on Making a charge ability also stun

    So I'm trying to make a hero with a charge ability. So far I got the charge part right and it's working, but I'd like the charge to also stun the target on contact, and this part I don't really know how to do it.

    Any help please?

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    posted a message on units fire from the ground
    Quote from sleipnirphant >>

    I'll be sure to post some screenshots as soon as I get back to my computer, also I know you can post map links, how does that work?


     see the 'upload an image' button at the bottom of the post? just drag and drop your map in that zone, it'll add it to your post.


    also I had the same problem for a while but found the solution - in your attack actor, find the field "Launch Attachment Query - Methods" and using the cutscene editor, find an attachment point that suits you where the missiles can be fired from. By default, it uses the Origin (I think), which is basically the absolute center, on the ground, of the model.

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    posted a message on Help with Texture Select by ID

    I am trying to make a custom Adept hero and I can't seem to get the texture select by ID to work fully with the Adept (or Stalker) for some reason.


    Attached below is the map from the tutorial on the site ( this one ), featuring a Prisoner Zealot with it's texture changed (this one is from the tutorial, I didn't change it).

    I added an Adept and Stalker on the map (and changed their textures) .. and it just half works. the diffuse texture works, but not the emissive. also more things :


    1- if you try to switch the emissive of the Prison Zealot to another texture, the model will just appear 100% emitting light, no matter which texture you put (tried 4 so far.)

    2- the Stalker and Adept diffuse textures work. but normal, specular, emissive do not work, as far as I can tell do not work.


    Please note, am able to change ALL textures on (some) other units (especially zerg units. I didn't include it in the map, but on another test map of mine, I successfully changed all the textures (normal, emiss, diffuse, etc) of the mecha ultralisk and hybrid and lurkers), but with the Adept and Stalker, I'm just out of idea, they just don't work...


    Please help. I'm stuck, and I have no idea why the Adept refuses to change her other textures.

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    posted a message on Alternate portrait angle

    I just need 2 alternate views for portraits for vorazun and adept (golden warchest 3)

    Please see reference.


    thanks in advance.

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