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    Im currently creating my first map. Im brand spanking new to all of this. Im using a mirror site that has all of Blizzards Tutorial guides for SC2 Editor, as well as watching this one guys Youtube guide series which seems pretty in depth. I figure Ill be able to get the hang of it, but there's a LOT of questions I have now.

    The first one is, how do I add a floating platform? Im using the bel'shir Ex2 and (Jungle) Texture sets. I want to make a platform that floats in there air. I will have two teleportation pads, one on the ground, one on the platform, and at certain intervals on the game (after each "wave) an Item will appear on the platform and a unit has to go up and get it. I already have the teleportation down. But I can't find anything about a floating Platform. is there any way to make a platform/terrain float in air above pre-existing terrain? One thing I thought of is that any sort of textures and platforms like what I'm wanting might be in a different void set, but I don't know which because there are so many and no way to preview them. I tried to add a texture set to use and see how I like it, but It says it would exceed the maximum number of unique textures on the map (16). Is it not possible to add additional Texture Sets to your map?
    Second: assuming you can only have one texture set, is there at least a way to preview all the tiles in a texture set before choosing? Like a dialogue box that displays all the tiles/textures as either a slideshow or X amount of boxes each being an image preview of a tile within that set.


    I can't stress enough that I am brand new to all of this and have little to no understanding of things like Mods, Actors, and triggers/events.

    I imagine that I will be on here a lot soon enough.

    But if anyone has any thoughts on the floating platforms for now, your help and time would be deeply appreciated!!


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