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    posted a message on Operation Ex - Fill

    Hey starcraft II players. Welcome to Operation Ex - Fill.

    I've created this little thread to help explain to new players on HOW to PLAY the Mod.

    Since, it's quite a new concept, I've created a series of screenshots to walk people through on how to play.

    Now, what's the main Objective of the game?
    Pull the Boss in the center to the enemy side.

    How do we accomplish this task? It's simple.
    Get into the bosses AOE, and protect him from the incoming horde of zombies (zerglings)


    Throughout the map, there is an unprecedented amount of zombies. These zombies are controlled by AI. They are hostile. They will kill everything and anything--including themselves.

    So how do we advance in the map?

    Well that is up to you, as a team to decide.
    On the top and bottom of each map, there is a 'mineral' field.
    These minerals are powerful. They allow you to upgrade your units, and convert 'minerals' to 'gas.'

    'Minerals' in this game are the universal currency, and your efficiency at balancing the right amount of defense, offense, and gathering abilities will allow you to succeed.

    So How do you gather Minerals?
    There are two ways to gather minerals.
    By harvesting them at the two points in the map, or
    by killing zombies, and enemy players.

    So what are the rewards for either?
    Well, as of right now, the award for killing players and minerals may be more ammo expenditure (yes, there is universal ammo) and more experience for veterency (Each unit has individual levels) If done successfully, you will be able to cripple the enemy.
    High risk, high reward.
    And in the future. . .you will be rewarded with TWO offense units limited to you.

    Speaking of which, how do we get units?
    Well, in Operation Ex - Fill, you get units on a set timer. Every three minutes, players are given Ves. Gas (Soldier pay : 30)
    With this Gas, you can choose to spend on Defensive or Offensive structures.
    For example : One mule costs 10 Soldier pay (V. Gas)
    Which you could use to buy 1 marauder or 2 marines.

    Or you could buy one auto turret for the same cost of 1 marine.

    As you can see, units are costly. Losing one marine, or one marauder can be very costly.

    Now that the basics have been covered. There are a few fundamental changes to how this game is played, from your typical RTS.

    Sight : In this gamemode, select units have 'sight'
    For example.
    Watchposts, Radar, and Auto turrets have 'fixed sight' which means, if they are not selected, they will still form a sight RADIUS.
    This will look familiar :

    Units do not have fixed sight :

    So what does this mean?
    This means, that destroying enemy radars, bunkers, or auto turrets will become a hindrance, as units that cross into the 'black' unselected, will not be able to fight.

    This means every unit must be accounted for and not forgotten.

    So, what does early or late game look like?

    It may look like this :

    Or, like this :


    Player vs Player interaction :
    Over the coming months, Player vs Player interaction will be going for an overhaul.

    As it stands right now, engaging early game is impossible (by design) and Mid-game is High Risk, High reward.

    There are two choke points on the map, unless you dare cross the center.
    A primary way to take the player head on, is using the 'Battle titan (Thor) as your Battering Ram.
    The Battle Titan HAS a FIXED sight, which allows a 'constant' view, the ability to keep units close, and have them engage without directly selecting them.

    But most of the battles happen in the middle, where, an early engagement forces the enemy team to push to middle--to pull the payload back to their side.
    With intense battles, that often result in heavy losses.

    End Result?

    A game where positioning and micromanagement is key.
    Understanding sight radius's, and how to take advantage your position on the payload, the zerglings ( zombies)
    And what upgrades you should or shouldn't use.

    I wish to hear your feedback.

    As I have many plans (to implement my infantryman humour)

    Future Plans :

    As it stands, I'm here because I'm at a crossroads.
    I want this game to be unique, and different, and fun for all.
    I want it to be punishing, and versatile.
    As it stands right now, I need more opinions.

    Do I lock people into 'offensive' and 'Defensive' Roles?
    Do I add ONE more player to the map (4 v 4)
    Do I adjust Marines and Marauders and make it easier to PUSH the payload early game? Or keep up the 'build up' phase. . .

    Or do I have 'buildable' tech trees, the ability to 'split your 'points' among unlockables?

    This is not intended to be a League of Legends (input build from mobafire)

    This is meant to play as a real time chess match, littered with miniature chess matches in fights across the board.

    If you build up too many mules, you pay for it.
    If you build up too little of mules, you pay for it.
    If you build up too many marines, you pay for it.
    If you build up too little marines, you pay for it.
    If you build up too many bunkers, you pay for it.
    If you build up too little bunkers, you pay for it.

    This game is (in design) going to make you CHANGE your tune, every time you play it.

    Help make it a reality :)

    Here is a little outdated video of the old graphics (and original how to play) :

    Have a great day! Looking forward to comments / opinions (to make the game better, of course!)

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    posted a message on Give units Veterency, Medivac no longer heals?

    FIXED! :) Went through trial and error and found I accidentally turned a healing multiplier for the unit to 0. :)

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    posted a message on Give units Veterency, Medivac no longer heals?

    In reply to DrSuperEvil:

    Are their validators for 'multiple targets?"


    As it appears, through trial and error. .. when I left click on the same unit that's 'being healed' it says can't select multiple targets. Even though it's the same target.



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    posted a message on Give units Veterency, Medivac no longer heals?

    In reply to DrSuperEvil:

     No it doesn't. It gets caught in a loop that will not heal, but will send down the 'heal beam'
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    posted a message on Give units Veterency, Medivac no longer heals?

    So, I recently implemented a veterency that gives my unit (marine) +5 shield with each level up.


    The only issue, is after he 'levels up' the Medivac is stuck on this constant loop, that will just sit there, won't expend energy, but won't heal the marine either.


    I've looked everywhere, and I've determined it's the 'veterency' that's causing the issue.


    I don't see a place where it can be affected though?

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    posted a message on I'm an infantryman! Not a coder!

    Hey guys, I've recently made a map/ mod that centers around 'free to play' using all free assets.



    You can check it out below.


    There, the 'ground work' has been done, however, It appears I've approached my limitations as a developer. This is the first time I've done anything of the sorts.


    Now, back to the 'team' aspect : 


    I'm looking for people who are interested in helping develop a project, hopefully for the long haul. As someone who's  written a novel (and soon to be published - which is a story in another day) I know how many hours go into these projects, and It's tiresome--and lonesome.


    Now I'm the kind of guy who believes anyone can help. From play testing, to coding, to tweaking the actual file. . . It's in my blood to make it free and accessible to anyone.


    Now this is the premise : There are two 3 v 3 teams. One pocket of resources are on top, one pocket of resources are at the bottom, and in the middle is a 3 tier Payload.

    The goal is to pull the 'payload' across to your side to win.


    You harvest your resources, perform unit upgrades, and truly customize each unit to match your play style.


    Now there are a lot of things I want to implement for this mod, and learn a long the way. From variables and conditions, I want this to be a fun--growing experience that's open source.


    My goal is to build a competitive, 3 v 3 top down game that incorporates HORDEs of zombies, and multiplayer. All the while incorporating fun, comedic, infantry dry humour.


    A game of fun, and a game of competition.


    And I'm excited to see where this goes.


    If anyone is interested, message me here, or email :


    Have a great day everyone.





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    posted a message on WEIRDEST BURROW issue EVER?

    In reply to MaskedImposter:

    Sounds like  a smart idea. . .I'll give it a look. . .as it stands, I have my work around though. . .:) thanks everyone for the help!
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    posted a message on WEIRDEST BURROW issue EVER?

    So far, I've done a work around, by having each individual unit force to unburrow. . . Anyway to make it so the three clumps that spawn in together, will all unburrow?

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    posted a message on WEIRDEST BURROW issue EVER?

    In reply to DrSuperEvil: Can you clarfiy the morphy type ability change?


    Would this be the reason in works in test mode, but not live?

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    posted a message on WEIRDEST BURROW issue EVER?

    In reply to DrSuperEvil:

     currently using the fact NO player has the ability to 'burrow' forcing them to auto burrow.
    I've tried using triggers but they arent working lol
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    posted a message on WEIRDEST BURROW issue EVER?

    Alright, so currently I'm making a map that has 3 v 3 with  a horde of 'zombies' in the middle. . . up until now it's been smooth sailing, however, it appears, my units that I have spawn (the horde) they are under 2 hostile player Ai, which, up until now, has been going great ( using a magnet system to move them etc. .. )


    HOWEVER, it appears now, when I hit ctrl + f9 and test the map, they respond perfectly 'unburrowing themselves' to rise up from the ground. . . However when I play custom map, with multiple people, the zerglings stay burrowed. I've even assigned them to my ID and still, I get units that spawn in burrowed.


    This was going FINE for over 100+ tweaks of the map, and I've tried reseting the unburrowing mechanic, forcing them to unburrow with auto cast intially on etc. . . However, it seems broken?

    Like I said, it appears (whatever I did?) It works fine in FFA in TEST mode, but uploading to server = broken. DOESN'T even work in FFA on the arcade. . . 


    I'm at a lost.


    There are no errors in the trigger either. (And it SPAWNS the units, currently I can switch it to the regular units and it works fine, it's just the 'unburrow' mechanic appears to be broken. . . )

    UNLESS you walk over the units and it initiates. . .ALSO, if I leave the game running for about 5 mins, it fixes itself. (Which I assume is because of the units close by )

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