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    I'm an independent researcher looking to create a series machine learning algorithms that utilize the sc2 map editor to procedurally generate maps and replays. I've yet to read through the documentation so perhaps I'll find the answer there, but I thought it prudent just to ask if these tasks are even possible withi https://100001.onl/n the editor. If so, I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.


    Thank you for your time.

     issue got solved!!

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    Was just wondering if anyone here who has some experience with the map editor would be able to point me towards any useful tutorials, guides, documentations, references, etc. I'm looking to make a small mod and jumping into the editor blind is a bit intimidating.

    Thanks. https://9apps.ooo/

     issue got solved!!

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    • Reforged is a melee mod that adds more units, upgrades, and abilities to curr https://1921681254.mx/ent races and implements six n  races. Currently the mod is available on the North American sever. Searching for feedback and  discussion. https://100001.onl/
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    issue got solved!
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