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    I'm posting this because I noticed a lot of people (including myself) were not sure which skyboxes worked, and dismayed that most (any, besides Braxis) skyboxes don't show in the editor.

    Skyboxes in the Editor:

    • To get (working) skyboxes to show inside the editor press CTRL and scroll DOWN with your mousewheel. This increases your view distance and eventually displays the skybox. If you don't have a mousewheel, you can use Ctrl + Shift + DOWN instead (thanks Kanaru for pointing this out).

    Changing Skyboxes in-game:

    • You may change the in-game skybox/parallax by using the GUI action "Set Background Model", or in Galaxy:
    void GameSetBackground (int inType, string inModel, fixed inAnimSpeed)
    // background types:
    const int c_backgroundFixed     = 0; // Attached to camera position (never appears to move) (skybox)
    const int c_backgroundTerrain   = 1; // Attached to terrain (moves as camera scrolls) (parallax)

    List of working Skyboxes/Parallaxes:

    • Xil Skybox - Recolored version of the Mar Sara Skybox.

    Non-working Skyboxes/Parallaxes:

    • Aiur Skybox
    • Avernus Skybox, Avernas Parallax
    • Castanar Skybox
    • Ulnar Skybox, Ulnar Parallax (I wonder what this one will look like)

    That should cover it, please post any additional info you have :)

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