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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #251: A Forlorn Battlefield

    nothing really, just a battle cruiser that has crashed from a space battle a decade ago... I think i made this way way back...

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    posted a message on [Campaign] Voice Actors needed.

    Well, I am able to do some Ai / Adjudent voices... I have a great "machine" voice. Just PM me...

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    posted a message on Cursor Aimed weapon

    Hello mapsters... I am making a custom campaign that needs some help.

    What I Need

    I need an ability that shoots a projectile at target area. The target area always follows the players cursor. The ability is activated by pressing the space bar. Holding the space bar will result in having the unit continuesly fire projectiles. The ability will have a cold down of .5 seconds to play prevent OP spamming. Further more, when the ability is activated, the unit's attack animation plays. The unit also faces the target area when the ability is launched. The unit will stop all movement whenever the player presses or holds the space bar.


    The ability fires a projectile at a target area
    The projectile will continue flying until it hits another unit
    the projectile does 2 damage
    cooldown after 0.5 seconds
    holding the space bar will result in a continues firing of projectiles with each projectile firing.5 seconds apart
    the ability causes the unit to stop, turn, and play an attack animation

    Well that's what I need mapsters! A picture tutorial would be helpful

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    posted a message on Better civilian models (idea suggestion)

    Well, i don't know about you guys but... I can edit the standard civilian model for your to use for your project.... But it will have the standard attack animation...

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #246: Mapster Plays Editor

    I think the map looks good... perhaps we can add some line of sight blockers that devides the map into 4? This will make global attacks with ground units unexpectable and more ambush-like without using the xelnaga towers... It will also make the xelnaga towers a key strategical point...

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #246: Mapster Plays Editor

    Hey guys! I am using a new account because my old one was reported, i worked on some texturing and bade the cybros bases look abandoned... Your judgement...

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