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    posted a message on No mouse move event? impossible to do top down shooter?

    It seems that is only way to get mouse X and Y is from the last 'clicked' location. So you cannot really fire a machine gun without getting tendinitis. I seen some youtubes of the mouse moving the camera and then shots are fired where the camera is facing, but I am making a top down shooter so that won't work for me. Anyone have any ideas?

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    posted a message on 3rd person style movement (w,a,s,d - style)

    According to this vid it is possible to control a character 3rd person style. I don't think this should be implemented through triggers though. Looking through the 'Movers' in the data editor I have found that they can be duplicated and modified. Some of them are multi-phased but only rely on 4 types of drivers (Throw, Parabola, Guidance and Ballistic). Others seem to be derived from classes called CMover and CMoverMissel which I am guess have been written in C+ + given that they use the capital C prefix for class. My guess is that blizzard needs to release some kind CMoverThirdPerson in order to get this to work.

    Any thoughts about this?

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    @begebies: Blender uses python and I have written my own custom importer/exporter scripts before. But I would need to learn more about about animation sequences to be able to write one for the SC2 engine.

    Also guys, I have noticed that for the zealot which uses a 28-byte vertex (with the 0x40000 flag set) that the unknown bytes are non-zero for the blades. And if you look at the screen shot of the in-game zealot there is a glow effect going on with those blades.

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