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    posted a message on [Map Editor UI] Closing one window while not exiting the program?

    Hey guys, new to the editor if you couldn't tell. When I have both my map and my dependency file open, I cannot save any changes to the dependency (File in use, cannot save archive etc). I cannot figure out how to just close the map file, while keeping the dependency file open so I can save it. Currently, I have to completely exit the editor, restart, sign back in, then open my dependency file if I want to make changes. 


    I've tried File->CloseWindow and File->Exit, both completely close the program. I don't see anything in the Window drop down either, aside from being able to switch between them. 


    Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, if this post is in the wrong place I apologize :)

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    posted a message on An upgrade that gives you resources once it's finished?

    I would like to have an upgrade, "enrich minerals." Essentially, the upgrade costs minerals to research, but once it's finished it returns a greater amount of minerals to the player. I've been going through the data editor trying to figure out what abilities/behaviors I would use, but I haven't been able to figure out much. Any ideas on how to do it? Thanks in advance :)

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