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    A Team to do the real new Diablo game!!


    Hi, I am The Overqueen, AKA Broodmother, after that 2018 Blizzcon and that Diablo Immortal I noticed that If I wanted play an real diablo game I would have to do it myself. My game proposal is ambitious, but simple, a Diablo RPG made from fan to fan.


    General aspects:

    3 Playable races with different classes, Nephalem, Demon and Angel.

    A huge word, almost all Sanctuary, High Heaven and Burning Hell.

    A dynamic storyline progress with RPG aspects and many alternative ends like “The Witcher 3.

    For example, you will chose a race and class, but during the game, you can change them. For example, if you play as a Morlu Legionary, you will can do a ritual to become a butcher. In addition, if you are a Succubus you will can be loyal to Cydaea and help her to revive Azmodan, or be loyal to Lilith and help her to stop the Eternal Conflict.


    Unhappily, I have a lot of experience with the Starcraft II editor, but a have few ability with 3D art. Therefore, I am looking for voluntaries to help me import and covert to .m3 and .dds format some Diablo 3 models and textures.



    Know how to use “Autodesk Max 3Ds”

    Know how to use "Taylor Mouse's M3 Import Script v3.3"

    Know how to use "CASIC Storage Viewer"


    I am using the Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm assets to do the major part of the environment and the characters, but much models must be imported and converted.

    Models to be Imported and converted:


    Belial (both forms)

    Cydaea – Very Important for the project



    Adria (both forms)

    Succubus (all types and skins)

    Giant Spider

    Male Barbarian (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Male Demon Hunter (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Male Wizard (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Female Necromancer (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Female Monk (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Female Witchdoctor (Unarmored and With Armor)

    Iron Wolfes

    Asheara - Very Important for the project

    Tyrael (Human Form)

    Death Maiden - Very Important for the project


    Vidian (Demon Form) - Very Important for the project

    Greed Baroness - Very Important for the project

    Urzael - Very Important for the project

    Zombies (All types and skins)

    Westmarch Guards (All types and skins)

    Zoltun Kulle

    Deceiver Demons (All types and Skins)



    I will try getting some donations to the project, if I get a good value, I will give you a percentage proportional to the amount of files you imported and converted.

    This reward is a possibility, not a certainty, I will depend on donations and the blizzard fanbase is not known for supporting the fanmade projects.

    Models with texture or animations bugs will not accepted.

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