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    Hi there, apologies in advance for any formatting issues with this question. I am new to the editor scene and have been attempting to see if I can follow through on an idea I had for a pseudo-Starcraft game mode with altered values and play-style. Having spent considerable time on tutorials and familiarizing myself with the editor I understand that what I wish to achieve is possible, but i'm encountering significant roadblocks produced by the slightly... un-intuitive nature of the editor.


    I understand how to create dependencies on a new map/mod file in order to start creating accessible data/maps for my idea, but I want to create my own dependency given the scale of what I want to aim for, so as to create a refined way of accessing the data for each mission. For example I wish to have a dependency for the sets of terrain I will be actually using, so when I go to create a co-op campaign mission of my version of Starcraft I would have a dependency specifically with all of the assets and textures used in the map creation/that terrain type. For example I could construct an ice map from my 'Ice Terrain Dependency' folder, and also have one for other terrain types. This would work alongside a dependent mod with all the custom units that would be accessed when playing a game of my Starcraft, so if you were to load "co-op mission 1" from my version of Starcraft it would load 'Ice Map Dependency', 'Altered Starcraft Dependency', 'Co-op Mission 1 Triggers & Dependencies' or something to that affect.


    While seeming complicated compared to just sucking up the extra loading time, my brain values the fundamental understanding I would gain and hyper-organisation of being able to build up a dependency using only the assets I need, not to mention the massively reduced loading time!


    The closest I have got is opening up one map in the editor using all the main dependencies - mainly co-op commanders mod, Legacy of the void campaign and the Nova campaign artwork, then opening up another mod alongside it and attempting to copy the files over from one to the other but this has been providing limitations, mainly in my knowledge as I don't know what strings of items to copy over, such as the (actor?) for an Ice texture and not just the texture itself.


    Is this possible, and how would I go about doing it? If not what are the closest viable alternatives?


    Thanks in advance for your time!


    (p.s Here is some screenshots of some of my map-making, the one area i've had some success at learning with the editor! So as to show my commitment to this idea i'm building up! )

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