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    A great little map with a lot of charm.  It does everything well.  Especially love the variety in enemy defenses, too many maps it just feels like you're just going through harder varients of the same thing.


    Minor gameplay improvements: the defending the objective enemies do need to get upgrades.  The second section is just a bit too easy to steamroll, even on brutal.


    Minor English improvements are still needed.

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    Thoughts of Chaos is the epic conclusion to The Antioch Chronicles, a large-scale custom campaign.  TiC weaves together a narrative made by many different characters from different faction and have them slowly converge until the finale.  It features acceptable voice acting (the protoss voices will grow on you, and it gets better in later missions), and quality editor work (terraining, models, etc), as well as a well done and entertaining story (despite the ending being too cliche) by my admittedly low standards. 


    However, any fun that one would normally get from the story is instead leeched away by 110% mediocre gameplay, which mostly seems like a way to pass the time between story segments rather than engaging and enjoyable.


    The gameplay, first and foremost, suffers from slow pacing.  There's plenty of long winded backtracking through empty and very weakly defended areas in both macro and micro missions.  Here's an example: TiC has a stealth mission, reminiscent of HotS' ship infiltration mission.  However, instead of combat, you're greeted with (admittedly well-thought out) puzzles, halfhearted enemy detection patrols (you don't interact with the guards other than just walking out of their zones), and halfhearted kill defenseless, undefended structure to progress.  It got to a point where I tried to break the monotony by attacking some random guards and escaping the detectors gaze.  This gets back to what I previously said about "waiting x minutes", you're moving through the ship for a certain duration to get to the next puzzle, enjoyable gameplay be damned.


    Difficulty, like many aspects of gameplay, didn't seem to get much thought either.  "Hard" in TiC means "WoL casual".  Many hero units are broken, and with minimal micro they can multiply a small force's effectiveness by tenfold.  Many missions can be beat by getting 10-20 units and just steadily rolling across the map.  But in two missions it's very, very, hard, unless you understand the correct choices you need to beat the mission (which would require editor diving or some really lucky guesses).  Of course, such information is only going to come to you once you lose the mission once.  As an example, there's a holdout that features extremely high tech ground units (archons, reavers, ultralisks) with a few air superiority fighters and dropships.  Suddenly, on the last few waves, the mission throws the curveball of 2 carriers (capital ships) per wave.  Hopefully you built enough anti-air that you couldn't know that you'd ever use.  If there had been any hint in an earlier wave, I would have enjoyed the mission.  It was on my skill level, a nice terran holdout with some interesting twists. Due to not seeing any indication, I fortified my tank line and suffered, and lost a lot of .


    Bosses have HUMONGOUS HP bars, backed up by tiny amounts of damage so that phase transitions, many of which are accompanied a cutscenes or "action pauses", are played a significant duration apart (have to have SOME space between emotional moments).  Combine this with high cooldown abilities, and I had trouble staying alert during boss battles, as rarely they did anything cool, interesting, or required effort to dodge.


    In closing (TL;DR)DO NOT PLAY Thoughts in Chaos if you're looking for a campaign that gives you something to do.  If you must see the story because you've seen the first two (and you should see TiC in that case), use cheats (i.e."move" or "god") or watch Jayborino's videos to avoid interacting with the gameplay as much as possible.

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    There's a severe difficulty spike from the too easy missions of 3-0 to 3-whatever and the excavation (dig too deep or something).


    In sins of our fathers, Tempest shield heals an additional 200 shield as well as increasing current+max shield by 200, the tooltip does not mention this.


    Breaking down each mission in a bit of detail (memory is fairly shaky):


    • Protoss holdout/micro: Losses never really mean anything, defense ends before missing units ever come into play.
    • Moloch infiltration: Too slow pacing.  Mere stealth crawling is unentertaining and just serves to extend the game time
    • Boss memory dive: outside of Jepok playing in red, there isn't much you can do to lose this if you just spam your healing. 
    • Terran jailbreak: main point of concern is that you can to the end of the nexus's exit hallway and still have to wait for enemies to spawn before leaving. I thought the point was to exit quickly, not to make sure that we get a good KDR?
    • The grey: healing outdoes most ranged units (melee is simple to kite), 5 second stun is incredibly powerful, all units are bio so even if you somehow get on the back foot you can just Dark Archon Maelstrom to win. 
    • Terran infiltration: having +50 more range than marines and a slow makes post-bots trivial.  
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    Success breeds jealousy.

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    Everything works as it should it seems. May want to tone down the constant stream of units trying to "rebuild" in favour of better attack waves.


    Text scroll could use improvement, if possible.  I detest the slow scroll.  Put the text up all at once.

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    Okay tried it again after my initial complaints.  Manged to beat it on hard with an immortal/archon deathball.  Spent solarite on resource income boost first, so quickly got 3 forges+ tech up and running, switched to army-based solarite afterwards.  Focussed on teleporting to kill the caves first so I only got 2 dropperlords.  Made the game feel a lot easier.

    Closing order of caves. 


    Caves opening on units created is probably too abusable.  For example, I purposefully didn't hit the first cap until just before I closed cave 6.  On the other hand, caves opening on units created is painful if you lose a lot of units early (zealot heavy strats), setting you back farther. Similarly, players have an incentive to close the stronger caves first.

    Some of the caves may need reworking to allow more units to hit them, or so you can put a few immortals off on the side to constantly whittle down hp.  Cave 3 in particular.


    Bug found: opening both menu's and closing one keeps one menu open but the game unpauses.

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    I have a lot of problems with the maps design.  Why do rocks gain 500 hp per cave sealed? There is no warning about caves becoming aggressive when attacked.  Attacks scaling from 3 zerglings to 2 ultralisks is not OK when the player does not know about it and tries to seal one off early.  The mastery allowing high templar to cost 150/50 instead of 50/150 is utterly broken given a generally larger mineral bank than vespene bank, making high archons be more useful than zealots and stalkers. There doesn't seem to be a natural progression, game is extremely easy, then has a epic difficulty spike requiring huge map control/multitasking when those pesky droplords start heading out.  (Why are they damage immune for so long? Why does psi storm only do 1 damage/tick to them instead of 10?)


    The best way to play this is to build up as high as you can go before the first base mines out, port to seal off the ovie spawn caves, then win.


    • Caster full energy does not work on archons with psistorm after merging.
    • The shield mastery causes units to warp in with 20 shield missing
    • Minor nitpick, but ending punctuation is missing from a lot of lines.
    • A bunch of the overlords may not send units to base, causing incredible lag

     Edit (because this does deserve some praise):


    The observer hero pairs well with the psi thingy, and does allow some cool tactical maneuvers and can give you multiple points to return to, which is useful on this highly linear map.


    All the later caves feel somewhat unique, even if there's too many of them to assign them specific names (There's two dropperlord caves and 3 ling caves, for example)


    The auto-researching tech upgrades makes units more exciting faster.  However, this does come at a strategical depth cost, as getting these upgrades are too cheap not to get, especially since you need to tech up to unlock your full unit roster.

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    Quote from MaskedImposter >>



    Mapsters 4.5 for Mapcraft 2017 has been significantly updated. Very interested in feedback for anyone who has time. Just about 20 days til contest ends.


    Some changes of note:

    - The end is an actual boss fight now, far different than it was before. So much improved. Type "boss fight" without quotes after you choose difficulty if you want to skip straight to it for testing purposes. 

    - Changed the supply max to 100, and added an addition second level upgrade for the healing bots. This makes it easier to keep a fully healed up army.

    - Changed the tanks impact indicator to make it more distinct from the grenade ability indicator. So hopefully that'll help the player to know to dodge the tank attacks.

    - Lots of other various things I don't remember :P


     "boss fight" should probably activate all upgrades....
    anyways the 2nd upgrade for the healing bots now makes them healing grenades, and making the single target heal rather pointless (except on heavily damaged marauders or heroes). Throw one in front of your army, crowd around it, and shoot for 25 healing and then you can keep moving (saving you time)
    Drop pods are interesting, but in the end it's a pain to keep selecting new units that can be on the other side of the ship and try to group them with you.
    Ghost dude's epic cloak on wound means that it's actually generally better to keep dying (which you will anyways, due to the sheer hp of everything that spawns)
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    Oh. I see the issues Vastan had.  For me the base seems to have constructed itself (wonder if Vastan prevented the nexus from being built with hold position)


    The final cinematic played for me, may just be Vastan's machine.

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    Problem with looking like alarak cares is that everyone, even his own troops, know that he doesn't.  Heck, even Ji'nara knows better than to cross him.


    First off, I'm pretty impressed by the new units and the custom voice acting.  Was unique to say the least.


    The mission isn't lacking as well.  Wrathwalkers and vanguards provide spikes in difficulty on demand, and I decided to fight the hybrid and his two lackeys as solo alarak (and won).


    For a relatively new hand at the editor, this is a strong first mission, and hopefully once we get into macro missions the fun will remain. 



    • Armored votary doesn't get armor/shield upgrade
    • Stalkers don't autocast their autocast ability
    • Setting the game speed to faster (force of habit/more exciting micro) screws with dialogue triggers


    small issues:

    "youareatraitor"  and "noitcan'tbe" - feels to fast

    "This campaign is placed in time one year after epilogue of Legacy of the Void" -> ""This campaign is placed one year after the epilogue of Legacy of the Void"

    "Alarak declined the alliance"

    "true strenght" -> "true strength"

    "to clear it from trees" -> "clear the trees"

    "could damage your force" -> "could damage your forces"

    "briefs his forces inside the warchamber"

    "confrontation with the Hybrid" 

    "if anyone other" -> "if anyone else"

    "surrending" -> "surrendering"

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