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     I think you're overestimating the number of people who have played through a significant number of static (completed/abandoned) campaigns.
    In the 6 months I've spent among this community, I've done 3 (and attempted a couple more)
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    Yes, I have links to both in my signature (the 2nd and 3rd links)
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    Quote from JayborinoPlays >>
    Quote from Bilxor >>

    I won't even get started on how many maps and campaigns I've played, on mapster, wc3 and other games, that I'm just amazed at the poor quality. Oftentimes everything seems thrown together, unbalanced and not even proofread.

    I reluctantly second this, though the causes of it are widespread and cyclical.  The CCI and this site in general are just not that conducive to great community building.  The projects are randomly listed; there's no indication pointing newcomers to which ones are really good, no ratings, no stickied reviews, just a few projects on the front page which are not really indicative of anything in particular besides Mass Recall being popular.  If we nudged folks to the best ones first, they'd more likely stick around, become part of the community, and leave feedback on other campaigns.
    It's cyclical because less feedback means less bug fixing means less polish means less feedback.  Not to mention the SC2 scene is relatively small now and there is no Blizzard support of the types of projects we have here.  For what it's worth, VastanX, I think Time Convergence has a great foundation and only needs a bit of polish to excel even further - I've got hours of feedback on my channel that hopefully has helped!
     Well jayborino if you feel so inclined I can give you access to the CCI - Remastered and you can write a few sentences about the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign.
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    Hey Jayborino just letting you know there's also a google sheet designed by Pr0nogo and I:




    Quote from Terhonator >>

    Thank you guys. Can you update this page: https://www.sc2mapster.com/projects/custom-campaign-initiative/pages/list-of-custom-campaigns

    with the list, please.

    What do you think, do we lose information if short description of each campaign is not writen after each campaign?

     I think a short description does explain what people are getting into, as long as it's objective and unapologetic about shortcomings.
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    This is based off of Jayborino's forum post, is an easily shareable google doc, and has links to all projects




    Should I add a brief description of why you should play each campaign?


    Have I left out yours?


    Is yours in the wrong place?


    Is a link not working?


    Other suggestions/feedback?


    Let me know!


    Edit: also willing to accept more editors

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    Shouldn't WotT be in stasis since Cybros seems to have it on hold for Dawn of Conflict?


    Needs to be a to be released in the future (hopefully) section, including stuff like LifeForce: Part 2 and whatnot.


    Edit: this list has earned you 1 thank.

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    If it's a solo mission or a SC-like PvE, i'll test it.  May be up for some not incredibly tasking not-SC-like PvE.

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    You've found me out, I was a bot all along!  To this day I don't know which images contained a storefront.

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    Quote from AlexanderNova >>

    Hello dear community. I have entered the RTC for my first time and I would like some feedback and bug reports on my Coop Map. Information and map link has been provided below!


    Map Link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285892


    Battle.net forum: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20754445388


    Some info before you dive into the map with a partner:

    - This map is difficult, even on casual. Teamwork is the only thing that can keep you alive!

    - Bug with the mineral patches preventing a mule call down. Will fix this soon. 

    • Too cheesable with calldowns
    • Map lasts less than the 20 minutes minimum (because the timer is set to 20min).
    •  Missiles aren't fun imo.  When you're playing kerrigan, the last thing you need is to look away from her because she will die.
    • Random widow mines spawning in base
    • Resources aren't set right
    • rocks aren't set right
    • Attack waves are too big and are just a constant, boring stream of enemies rather than army to army combat. (also my opinion)
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    DEFILERRULEZ is correct at all points.


    Some additions: you can hook up most cliffs by grappling the pixel below the edge of the "no placement" no-go zone.

    You can go up the right cliff by hooking just below the right pipe (you'll go past the pipe, go further into the cave and voila)


    All the issues I found (except the weapon specific ones) seem to be fixed.


    One more point, you may want to make it a bit clearer you need to get IN the warthingy, confused me at first.

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    In reply to DEFILERRULEZ:

     I disagree with the boss stuff, I didn't have much trouble on the bosses other than figuring out their skillsets.
    I can't remember them all, but boss 9 you are on a very tight timer, and I think one of my guys was about to die just as I killed it, so not impossible (as I'm not the greatest players)
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    Your control over the machine feels pretty finicky


    You have to move-click ABOVE a unit to get the flamethrower to target something.  Not move-click the unit, not below or to the side, above.  Also has unlimited range because you can move away while the fighters shoot it and it will still target


    Railgun it doesn't really matter where you moveclick, you can click half the screen away and it'll still target unlike the flamethrwer



    • You can get the grapple gun twice by going to the right before getting hangar bay
    • Stuff randomly removes itself from control group bar.
    • You can get the "let's get to it, old boy" multiple times by entering the mech multiple times while the green + is on it 
    • The south gate reorients when u use it's beacon.  Also, as a little "flavour" thing, you should have to be out of mech to use beacon
    • If you set the hangar on patrol, some fighters will stay in the air
    • I just ran from the infested and still got the 
    • Move-clicking with the railgun+flamethrower will cause an animation at the back of the weapon, even if there's nothing to target
    • Mitoscarab spawn will knock up fighters
    • you can go through doors with the grappler, including the boss dorr
    • defeated the final boss by luring it to the final boss door, stood behind it, and did 20 damage with my flash welder
    • Edit 1: (since i posted this while fighting boss) you can grapple while in ending cutscene, which messes up your chars, uhhhh.... position.


    Cool map, but the poor controlling of the bot holds it back a lot.  Little long.

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    In mission 4 some of the rocks need to be made untargetable (being able to get to Sin Ar destroys the point of the mission), and you can go through the right door before it goes down.

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    Quote from EDHRIANO >>

    In reply to TChosenOne:

     I finally able to recreate such freeze.
    I usually in the defensive state during the first 15 - 20 minutes, I waited until I've researched level 2 armor and weapon and build 60+ army before I push out.
    While the freeze seems to happen if the player immediately leave the main base and attack / destroy army producing building before the 8 minutes mark [A.I start building army to attack your base]. It is very difficult, and require a lot of multitasking like you said but it is possible.
    It messed up the validator and triggering since the building already been destroyed but the 8 minutes mark command the destroyed building to produce units.
    I've tried few adjustment and will be sending the new version to your email.  
    Thank you for the report TChosenOne.
     Yeah I generally send Sin Ar to attack the top left base, because I don't like to fight that sudden reaver/immortal combo.
    When can I expect to test the new version?
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    Okay I removed everything and downloaded the files again.  The pause happened at ~9:40 mark.


    At that time:

    • I had been to the top left base
    • I had rescued 1/2 of the primal ultra groups
    • I had intercepted the first attack wave from top left (except for 1 reaver)
    • The Cybernetics core and the Assimilator was undamaged (I skipped the defenses with the colossi by teleporting above with an overlord spotter
    • The Nexus had ~600 hp let

    After the pause

    • The nexus began producing probes
    • when this probe finished it warped in pylons  (nothing had been wapred in up to the pause)

    i'll state what I believe again; the pause is because the AI is switching from one set of commands (no rebuild) to another (rebuild).


    Also, lurkers get double armor upgrades.


    Sorry for all the constant messaging, but let me just say I think this mission is done really well, a lot of multitasking required.

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