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    Greetings, im a humble PHP programmer and a huge fan of the WC universe
    I want to start modding the WC3 FT but i dont lnow how to start. I mean if is there documentation or someone who can give me some hints to start (like which language use the WC3, what tools to use, etc)
    I already have the creative thinking in mind, so if someone is willing to work with me, dont be afraid of ask.
    What im planning to do:
    -Extend the races list on the selection screenomegle
    -Create a lot of new races (Bassed in WOW lore)
    -Maybe create a new resource
    -Add a naval part to the game
    -Revamp the hero system
    -Revamp the neutral and hostilles creeps camps
    Thanks for read me, and more for answer

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