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    posted a message on X Hero Siege

    A map with 25 heroes over a weekend? Huh, you work fast. :P Terrain's looking pretty cool, very glowy. I say do mix SC heroes in. Having both SC and WC in a map is always good, hehe.

    Btw, the middle Ziggurat here - no idea what's hovering above it, but it looks really cool. :P

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    posted a message on Glazes for Everyone

    These all look really cool! I wonder what more kinds of glazes we'll get with LotV.

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    posted a message on Orion: Ground Zero

    Huh, odd bug. I've noted it down, will fix it in the next version. Nice catch though. :P

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    posted a message on Freeze a unit at 1 life/avoid death

    There are a few ways you can do it:
     - Use the "Unit absorbs damage" event.
     - Have a trigger periodically check when your unit is below X life and, if yes, do the actions.
     - Add a dummy effect (like a set with no effects) to your behavior's damage response, have it target your unit, then have an "effect used" event and do the rest with triggers.

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    posted a message on Freeze a unit at 1 life/avoid death

    It would be easier with data. Make a new behavior, go to Damage Response, set Chance to 1, enable "Fatal" and set Modify Fraction to 0.

    Alternatively, use the already existing behavior that does this, "Don't Die".

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    posted a message on And the new Arcade UI is revealed!

    Looks really cool, I like the new UI! The addition of typing "[Lobby]" in chat and people being able to just join in by clicking is pretty neat too. I like the use of all the 3D models too, makes it feel more alive/less boring. :P

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    posted a message on StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

    Alright, wow, where do I begin commenting? In short, in my opinion, this mission is just plain awesome :D The terrain is amazing, the idea's great and so is the execution. I love all the side-objectives and lore relics you can collect. I really like the use of custom music as well, and how it changes as you move to other areas. Very well done level!

    I really like the RPGish feel it has, it reminds me of playing through Rexxar's campaign in WC3, hehe. The upgrades are a nice addition too! There were some interesting enemies to fight too, what I liked most about them is the lore you wrote down in their descriptions. A very immersive level all in all :)

    Still, I have a few suggestions. Adding a teleport ability to Voradin, allowing him to teleport to any of the activated revival beacon structures. Kinda like the waypoint/town portal system in Diablo 3. It would greatly reduce the downtime of going from point A to point B.

    It would be nice to be able to see quest givers on the minimap and through the fog of war. It would also be nice if the rocks between the capital and the stinger nests were destroyed after the "kill 7 stingers" quest is complete. Considering how many times I died to those damn Growthalisks, it would save the time of going back there. :P

    Mobs respawning on top of you was rather weird. While I like njordys' suggestion, the only thing I'd change is making the condition "Player's camera is in position AND player has vision of position" - that way players couldn't block spawning by keeping the camera there and ordering Voradin elsewhere. Also, while I liked the enemies, I think areas could be spiced up a bit. Most of them have only one enemy type, perhaps add some more just to shake things up a bit? Even 1 more would do.

    With all that said, here's a few other notes I took while playing:

    • The Icemanes made jetpack sounds when jumping off cliffs in the intro, I found that a bit weird.
    • Scantipedes exploded on death, I'd recommend using a bloody death model instead.
    • I killed the Ancient Beast in the overgrown camp before the Archon's quest (love the way he talks, btw :P) - when I activated the quest and went back to see if it respawned, it did, but it had no model. It was there, but I was shooting and getting shot by thin air.
    • You can still hear the slimey Zerg sounds from the infestation around the first warp spire even after retaking the capital.
    • In the ending, the Scout that informs Noros of the incoming Terran invasion, is also called Noros.
    • There seemed to be no music in the ending cinematic.

    And found some typos:

    • "When will this suffering ever end?" - You should remove either "when" or "ever".
    • "There are nothing to be found here" - When the Dark Templar searches crash sites, "are" should be "is"
    • Someone says "phenomenal", but it is misspelled as "phenominal"
    • A stalker says "captial" instead of "capital", I think it was after securing the small camp from the Zerg
    • I think this was when you collect pieces for the final warp spire, but it could've been elsewhere: "acquire" was misspelled as "aqcuire"
    • Someone said "recieved heavy damage", should be "received"
    • In the executor's speech, she requests "undevided attention", should be "undivided"

    There were also some "have"s instead of "has" and things like "gets" instead of "get". Sorry if this feels like nitpicking, thought you'd want 'em pointed out. Of course these didn't take away from the enjoyment of this mission. :D It's probably one of my favorite campaign missions so far, not just out of Annihilation, but generally speaking. As I already said, awesome work!

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    posted a message on Trigger Editor changes in Void - General Overview

    These all sound pretty neat~ About the Commander ones, are they Blizzard-only? Any signs that we can make custom commanders? It would be very useful for making multiple techtrees per race.

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    posted a message on Aureolin Eclipse (Single-player campaign)

    Getting hyped for the final mission! :D Also, like everyone else, I can't wait for Jayborino to get to AE09, hehe.

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    posted a message on WarCraft 3 vs StarCraft 2 Custom Campaigns Scene

    @JayborinoPlays: Go

    I think it also comes down to simplicity and convenience. Warcraft 3 has both; download the map from a site, put it in your folder, go host a game, and done! Enjoy your game. If it's singleplayer, just put it in your folder and it still appears in the list, you don't need to run it through the editor.

    This really helped speed up multiplayer testing. If I wanted to test my WC3 map, I sent it to my friends over Skype and then we played. If I want to test a SC2 map, I have to upload it, make a party and then invite them to play with me.

    It doesn't help that you are logged out of SC2 if you are uploading with the editor, and out of the editor if you are playing SC2. A process that was simple and took about 1-2 minutes in WC3, now is more complicated and takes 10-30 minutes. :X

    More on-topic, the campaign scene seems much more active nowadays compared to the past. I've seen quite a few in-development campaigns in the past year, and it's been picking up now in 2015.

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    posted a message on [AI Module] - Attack waves

    Nice tutorial, I should check the AI module out sometime, too used to triggers.

    Question about waypoints: If you set a waypoint and then another one, is the old one overwritten or is it sequential? Like I have Point A and Point B, will B overwrite A or will the wave follow A and then go to B?

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    posted a message on Orion: Ground Zero

    I've updated the map, with some new additions & some changes. Most notably, the Solar Eclipse event, where the Zerg will become frenzied and attack you from all directions under the cover of darkness, and a Scoreboard/Rank system.




    Some of the changes:

    • Added a scoreboard & ranks. Can you achieve the rank of Supreme Commander or Praetor?
    • New events: Solar Eclipse (higher difficulties only), Reinforcements & Investment
    • Added countdown timers for events & control points
    • When a Brood is destroyed, the players are now rewarded with Crimson Minerals (bonus minerals if destroyed early on)
    • Easy difficulties have been made easier, and hard ones harder
    • Zerg Drop Pods are now weaker in lower difficulties & stronger in higher ones
    • On higher difficulties, Broods become more aggressive & are enraged more easily
    • Lava Surges will no longer occur before the 10 minute mark
    • Prospectors' Syndicate Power Plants are now passive & do not explode on death, but are less durable
    • Changed the lighting of low ground lava-susceptible areas to be more reddish
    • Added a command to turn control point minimap symbols on/off
    • Fixed bug: Air Raid Gunships would return to the bottom of the map if no enemies were nearby. They now patrol the area.
    • Numerous small bug fixes, balance changes & visual changes
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    posted a message on 11 mistakes people make when designing scenario maps

    Very interesting read, and a great tutorial for aspiring campaign mappers. I remember I used to want to make a campaign, but I decided not to, as the only real reason I'd do it is to make new units & try out different mission elements, rather than tell a story.

    On map difficulty, it could go the other way around too, couldn't it? If a map is too easy, players are likely not going to like it either. Also, I've seen many maps that have cheap, usually instant-defeat tricks pulled on you, like "your hero dies when you walk through this normal-looking gate". That's not challenging, it's frustrating. I think the difference between those two should be noted down too.

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    posted a message on Vital Regeneration Fraction

    Unfortunately no, there's no way to do with with behaviors. Not sure if it can or can't be done with triggers, I'm a little rusty with the editor. Vital regen fraction is in Heroes of the Storm though, so it's most likely going to be in LotV as well.

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    posted a message on Aureolin Eclipse (Single-player campaign)

    At first look, it looks like hell, then I saw the Swarm Hosts. Yep, it's definitely going to be hell.

    Looking real good as always, kinda gives me an Annihilation vibe, Homecoming in particular ;)

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