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    gonna echo the previous sentiments, was really surprised to see some i'd never seen before. here i thought old StarCraft Evolution had it all.


    i always thought the earlier versions had very cool graphics. i actually was working on a mod back in the day to try to restore some of the beta visuals/content/etc, but i managed to corrupt it in some way i forget and dropped the project


    the pylon over the water is nuts... i wonder if it was supposed to be a 'flying' structure. i remember all the worker units used to be flying units, so i could see that happening. never seen this title card before either. so cool.


    thanks for sharing!

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    This seems like it should be very basic (as so many maps apparently do it) but (embarrassingly) I've yet to find the solution so far. In my map, I have a cutscene using regular StarCraft 2 units. Of course, because one of these units stands still too long, she starts to fidget and turns to the side or turns around or whatever randomised animation she feels like playing. That's cute in-game, but obviously doesn't do me much good for a scripted sequence. I've tried checking other maps, as well as googling, but I couldn't figure out how they did it.


    This is what the opening part of my trigger looks like right now, if it helps:

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