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    posted a message on [Monthly Test - January] Stranded on Krydon Renewed by R0binicus

    Hello there R0binicus, thanks for the game.

    The first time i played the game i lost. I did not see the factory was for everyone, so i rocked one scv the entire game. When everybody is about to die, i have zero minerals. But it felt fun to try to stay alive even though that happend, since you could still cling on to the others.
    I also had about 9 supply, while the others had 30-50 or so.

    The other time around i understood it better, we discussed a bit of strategy before we started. I got like 5-6 mules from the start of wave 1. But i was always behind in supply still, around 9-13, while the others rocked 30-50. Late, late game, when leviathan showed up, i had 25.

    But ive stocked some minerals and gas, so i got 3 rescue beacons, and we won.


    So here comes my feedback.


    • It was a fun experience cooperating, and strategizing.
    • I felt like the scv shot could just aswell have been replaced by turrets (or a standard fusion cutter attack). I think maybe i did not understand the choise (or would have prefered the normal attack...)
    • It was frustrating not being to help as much since you didnt have as much supply as everybody else.
    • I felt like the ending was a bit dragged out (and caused lag). I felt like a little cutscene where a ship moves down and picks us up (or whatever) would have been just as great.
    • Prehaps a little extra time to read the buttons?
    • I don't think we got any money for almost any of the enemies past wave 1-2. Im not sure if that was intended?
    • In general good job!


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