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    Alright, I'm on the verge of creating a game like an RPG of Hack n Slash or something. Thinking about porting the idea on Starcraft 2. Anyone interested?

    The flow goes by the same as Mugen Row's Idea. We already talked about this via Skype. And all I can see is his potential of really creating a not a MOBA type but rather a guild wars or something. Where two battlegrounds pit against each other? That's a DOTA thing. However, when he told me he skipped classes just to finish the game. I was amazed by his motivation. Yet really, What I could see in his potential as a talented and gifted programmer was about the idea of creating the game scenario wherein two teams are pitted to really strive, No matter how good or equipped you are. No matter how many gems you collect. No matter how many forges you did. That's really not a DOTA thing scenario. Rather more like a Monster Hunter style kind of move. I'd better hope anyone in this forums played Monster Hunter or something. Cause he will be back as the developer once he graduates. And he is also taking CS50x and Coursera, even acquired a CISCO certification via his Networking class. He's not just good as he says and speak. But. He's a kind person that really helps a lot of old peeps in this Community. Year 2016, when the Hacker War's broke out, He was also there and participated the event. Considering he was Mr Robot 2.0's protagonist. We had a talk once about him returning to SC2mapsters as one of the great and talented. So here' goes nothing. I will take over his project pages, Not until he graduates and then continue the game. Well well, I had his Permission to do so. :)

    So, I'm looking for an either old or new members here. To join the fun, What'd 'ya guys say? :) Strictly no Team Requirements required, Just beta testers, To restart and reset his Idea. :)

    - Digital Arts -

    Website: https://www.facebook.com/DigitalUnix

    Skype Account: draftencode@gmail.com

    Keybase: https://www.keybase.io/1100110011

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    Anybody heard of this great game before? I'm thinking about something, If you don't mind send me a PM :) Thanks.

    For the Mod Development Panel Check out my Discord App Server "Project Hourglass"..

    I'm thinking about pwning the Editor of this discontinued game to my own interest.

    Like Hack n Slash games, Dungeons, Loots, Quests, or create some games to coop with. :)

    If you wanna keep up with me, Follow me on Skype. @ezekiel_snow :)

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