• published the article Wrath of the Tal'darim

    Quote: Ras'Gul was once a templar, before all this. Everything was set into motion when Amon was revived. The Tal'darim were slaves of the dead god but Ras'Gul denied. As a punishment, Amon infested Ras'Gul with his shadows. However, once again, Ras'Gul denies. He was sent into exile, into the void. But after Amon's death, he prepared himself, for his revenge! Tal'darim must face an enemy, worse than Amon itself!



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  • published the article Warcraft: Armies of Azeroth Assets

    Quote: Hello guys! We are WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth mod developers and our team is happy to announce that we decided to share our assets, which include hundreds of HD WarCraft III models fully remastered with you.

    Our mod is supported by Blizzard Entertainment. Moreover, recently it won in the category Best Upcoming according to Editor's Choice in ModDB 2015 Mod of the Year contest.

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  • published the article Unsung Rebels

    Unsung Rebels by aZergBaneling


    The Unsung Rebels campaign is a custom campaign where you will play as the leader of an anti-Dominion rebel group called the 7th Squad during the early days of the Second Great War.

    It features a storymode similar to that of the Wings of Liberty campaign in addition to its own upgrade panel with improvements for each of the Terran units usable in the campaign, purchasable with credits in the storymode.

    The campaign is non-linear; though there is a main story, missions can be played in various orders, up to the choosing of the player.

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  • published the article Starcraft Origins

    Starcraft Origins by Gradius

    Origins is a Zerg campaign and prequel to StarCraft 1 played from the perspective of Senior Cerebrate Daggoth, the Overmind's right hand and greatest Cerebrate. It features a focus on accurate voice acting replicating the feel of StarCraft 1, high quality terrain, a new early Zerg tech tree, and expanding the other underdeveloped characters in the swarm. Fourteen missions are currently planned.

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  • published the article SCU: Open Beta

    Starcraft Universe by Upheaval Arts


    StarCraft Universe: Beyond Koprulu - OPEN BETA

    Over five years ago, myself, a creative developer, and Philipp Meyer, a brilliant programmer, began developing a ‘World of StarCraft’ prototype using the StarCraft II Engine. Neither of us knew of each other’s projects until one day, we discovered one another and joined forces to build a small team, beginning work on what we wanted to be the biggest mod ever made… Not just a mod. A game. A complete transformation of the way StarCraft was played; Something the entire Blizzard community dreamed of for years.

    We wanted to combine the third person action RPG elements of World of WarCraft, the combat mechanics of Diablo, and the starship mechanics of FTL with the StarCraft setting… But that wasn’t enough. We wanted the game to be completely voice acted with a unique story, custom art assets, and a fresh musical score. We wanted the game to open with a breathtaking CG cinematic, inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s dedication to high production values, and end with an obscure and convoluted conclusion… also inspired by Blizzard.

    And so our small group set out to do what many said we were crazy to do, what others said we would never finish, and what some said we would completely fail at… But there were those throughout the globe who believed in us, backed us, and bought us the time we needed to deliver on our promises. Today we announce the Open Beta of StarCraft Universe: Beyond Koprulu, and the full launch slated to release one month from now! We don’t own the intellectual property on StarCraft, so we cannot sell SCU, but we ask those who are able and enjoy what we’ve done, to back us on Indiegogo, a platform endorsed by Blizzard for community developers to receive donations.

    To all those who believed in us and helped us along the way, we say thank you. SCU would not have been possible without you. We look forward to seeing you all… in the worlds… of StarCraft.


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  • published the article The Curse of Tristram: Back to the Den of Evil

    The Curse of Tristram: Back to the Den of Evil by egodbout

    egodbout is back with an updated demo of the Curse of Tristram, this time, showcasing the Den of Evil!

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  • published the article HeptaCraft

    HeptaCraft by summerloud


    HeptaCraft is an extension mod for SC2:LotV, featuring a whopping seven playable factions, ranging from old-school BW-like factions to completely new ones with fresh ideas. The gameplay is more like BW than StarCraft 2, with longer, more positional battles.

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  • published the article Ghost Finder 2

    For those interested, Alzarath has setup an SC2Mapster Discord server.

    Ghost Finder 2 by Darkblizzard


    This map is about Humans (Catchers) that have randomly awakened in a maze figuring out that others were placed upon the maze with them. As the humans begin to work together to help each other survive in maze by collecting supplies from the maze, they soon to noticed that one of the humans aren't a true human and has been killed on this maze a while back returning for revenge for those who enter its maze. Will you be a chosen person picked to enter the maze or will be you one that has been killed already and haunt those who enter it...?

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  • published the article Curse of Tristram: Assassin Skill Tree

    The Curse of Tristram by egodbout

    Egodbout is back at it again on his Diablo 2 remake project. Here's a look at the Assassin Skill Tree.

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  • published the article 2D Game Library

    2D Game Library by greythepirate

    The 2D game lib is a basic framework for creating 2D platformer type games in StarCraft 2 which makes gratuitous use translate kinetics (a new data type added in 3.0). With some modifications, the game lib could be used to for any games with a WASD / 8 directional movement controls or even just games with basic 2D physics (tetris, angry birds, flappy bird, canabalt, etc).

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  • published the article Transformers: Open World

    Transformers: Open World by Crainy


    Transformers: Open World will be an expansive multiplayer third person open world RPG that aims to immerse you in the universe of the Transformers movies.

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  • published the article Legacy of the Void Map Submission

    Ladder Map Pool Submission

    Blizzard is looking for community map makers to create some great maps for the upcoming ladder season!


    For the upcoming season in Legacy of the Void, we’re giving all map makers the opportunity to have their creation become part of the official ladder map pool. We’ll be using at least two maps from all those which are sent to us; to have your map considered for the upcoming map pool, all you have to do is send it to us for review and it will be considered along with all other maps we receive. We’ve already seen a number of quality maps published to Team Liquid, Reddit, and our Battle.net Forums, and we want to see even more. Check below for entry guidelines.

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  • published the article Battlegrounds Playthhrough

    Battlegrounds by Syco with Danze


    BattleGrounds is a unique twist on a tug-of-war styled map, where you control a general and use your selected units and abilities to destroy the enemy team's mana stone. An in-game lobby system lets you play to your heart's content without needing to leave the game, and an instancing system allows every player to do different things at the same time. 8 players can play the Story Mode at the same time if they so choose to, or some can play story mode while others PvP. You can leave story mode without leaving the game and challenge others to PvP.

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  • published the article Shadow Brood Campaign

    Shadow Brood Campaign by Narudek


    Shadow of the Brood is a 11 mission Zerg campaign about Radgar and his hunt for essence and effort to bring broodmother Kelysa back. The Broodmother Kelysa was killed by Amon's hybrids while they was trying to control zerg minds, she denied. Radgar was created from the essence of the Broodmother Kelysa. He was the only one who escaped. He thought he's alone, but that's not a true....one of the Kelysa's evolution masters will join him soon!

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  • published the article DWARVEN COMBAT

    DWARVEN COMBAT by greythepirate

    Ever just want to beat up a bunch of dwarves? Then this game is for you! Collect and combine runic powerups and use the kingdom's traps to assault your enemies in this arena brawler!

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