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    Is there a complete list of all the Galaxy Editor limitations? I would rather not do the grunt work if other people have discovered it. I am looking for things such as the https://nox.tips/ max number of threads, heap limit, stack limit, and any other types of limitations related to triggers/scripting. I would like to mess around with a custom parser and lexer, but need some of these requirements.

    I got this,..
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     All imported assets from any source that have tried results in only partially textured models, being some parts covered by a pink-ish texture, I followed thw standard https://omegle.onl/ procedure of dowloading textures, saving, downloading models and saving again, i have also tried rebooting the computer and the editor, the issue remains. Does anyone know if this is fixable or if it is a problem with my computer?


    I got this,...

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    Would it be too much to ask someone to at least occasionally fix some SC1 themed unit models (to stop that flickering and texture glitch noonsense)

    I would use that Hotfix thing myself but surprise, my computer hates me and refuses to operate the program correctly (yes I've installed python https://nox.tips/)

    it would also be more convenient for everyone if these models were fixed and all in one place.

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