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    posted a message on [Request] Team Coloured Flag

    My 3ds max trial has run out. I just want a simple flag to attach to a unit that will have the flag portion be team colored.

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    posted a message on Tutorial Request

    I would like a tutorial on creating a grid based movement system for a turn based game, similar to that of Hamstroman's 'Turn-based Combat Game' or xenrathe and friend's 'Starcraft Tactics.'

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    posted a message on Fidget Turn Angle Causes Crash

    Re posting here by request:

    If a unit is edited in the Data Editor->Units to have a 0 Fidget - Turn angle or Fidget - Turning rate as to prevent any uncommanded turning it will cause a SCII to crash whenever the fidget turn animation is registered.

    Users can however prevent fidget turning by resetting Fidget - Turn angle and Fidget - Turning rate to their default values and instead modifying Fidget - Chance array to have a turn value of zero as long as the numbers contain add to 100.

    To recreate this crash take any unit and alter the Fidget - Turn angle or Fidget - Turning rate values to 0, then place the unit on the map load it any wait. The process can probably be sped up by altering Fidget - Chance array to have high turn value.

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    posted a message on Why Does My Map Crash?

    @Eldrazor: Go

    Freeze for 5 seconds, followed by:

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    posted a message on Why Does My Map Crash?

    Looking for someone to please find out for me, I can't figure out why the map I'm working on crashes at fairly random times.

    LINK: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/temple-defense-my-life-executor/files/1-current-version-v0-1/

    Sometimes the map runs smoothly, other times it crashes randomly.
    Map contains no custom script or GUI.
    Crash occurs after first wave has been spawned (press y for testers).
    Played on 2 different computers at the lowest graphics settings, same result.

    Good luck and many thanks for any partaking.

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