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    posted a message on A Haunting Demo TEST

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    I can't find this on NA. I searched using "A Haunting Demo TEST"

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    posted a message on [Model] How-to: Convert .WMO files to .M3 (Importing Structures from WoW to SC2) [Advanced]

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    Well I don't think a lot of people can exactly help because those who have access to 3DS Max are a minority. I'd help in any non-3DS Max way possible like identifying which WMOs crash and such if you wanted, I was just really expecting at least the staples like barracks, towers, walls to get released.

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    posted a message on Trigger Challenge: Structure Visibility

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    Under Data->Unit->
    UI - Fog Visibility - Change it to hidden.

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    posted a message on [Model] How-to: Convert .WMO files to .M3 (Importing Structures from WoW to SC2) [Advanced]

    So remember when people were going to start creating great model assets using this technique? What happened to that?

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    posted a message on Diablo: The Curse Of Tristram RPG vALphaDEMO Looking for feedback (US)

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    I hope I played the right map; all the issues I found, wrote it as I played it:

    1. Lobby - Computer on my team? I moved him to team two, but you can move him.
    2. Hero selection, remove the green border on buttons for better looks.
    3. Lack of period at the end of the Bio-Droid's description.
    4. You may want to work on the grammar on some of the other descriptions.
    5. Inventory button doesn't work, the hotkey however did.
    6. The close button on the character screen is messed when moused over.
    7. The blizzard logo is always present in the lower right.
    8. I played through as the Psy-caster, I could hit some units with regular attack without them trying to attack me.
    9. Sometimes my attack would randomly go up instead of where I intended it to go.
    11. Some enemies couldnt hurt me possibly due to items or other stat ups.
    12. Couldn't talk to non-quest giving NPCs.
    13. Couldn't drop items.
    14. Sometimes the trajectory at which I used my weapon wasn't where I clicked.
    15. If you go straight as soon as you enter the 1st level of the sanctuary and follow the columns you can walk through the wall.
    16. Couldn't figure out if there was anything to do after the first quest but I couldn't find anything else and checked all around for a 2nd floor.

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    posted a message on WoW Model Viewer: Take a look at my units.

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    Just an fyi unless you have some sort of program in which you can alter the texture path used for each model you can only have 1 of each character model (e.g human, orc, blood elf, etc.) because the textures for characters have the same name.

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    posted a message on [POC] A*-Fruit (A-StarFruit) Pathfinding Algorithm

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    Well done, very impressive.

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    posted a message on SC2Layout Tutorial ideas or requests

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    I've tried to learn how to do it but I'm terrible and altering the SC2Layout, so can someone please do this for me:

    I want all of the command panel buttons hidden except for a 4 button square that is as far in the lower right corner as possible while still being visible.

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    posted a message on [POC] A*-Fruit (A-StarFruit) Pathfinding Algorithm

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    On a small scale however of say 100x100 or smaller using unit markers would work just fine if you say wanted to have several maps within a map. This is very interesting to me, but far to technical for my understanding.

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    I'm sure you're aware of what it does and does not do but just in case, while it does identify the best path the unit doesnt actually take it. I would like to see a demo where a unit goes well out of its way to take the path that it deems 'fastest.'

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    posted a message on WoW Model-Pack Requests

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    I'm hoping you will soon be converting .wmo building files for all of us who don't have 3DS Max, would greatly appreciate it.

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    posted a message on [Dialogs] Really Great Looking Dialogs, Part 2

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    Hoping you can help me with a quick problem, I'm very bad at any form of code so bear with me. I made a custom style for a map and it works properly, but I always get the following error message when the map loads:

    No font set for: [BaseTemplate]

    My style file looks like this:

      <Style name="RModCenterSize14" template="ModCenterSize12" height="14" textcolor="#ColorWhite" hjustify="Center" vjustify="Middle"/>

    Any thoughts on how to prevent the error message from occuring?
    Also your link to the list of sc2 font styles no longer works.

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    posted a message on [Texture] How-To: Optimizing WoW Textures for SC2 [Intermediate]

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    Sorry if this is a partial necro, but I'm having trouble using this technique with GIMP. I've saved each file as a .dds but I'm having trouble with the renaming thing.

    If I simply rename and add ".tga" to the end of the file it remains a .dds file and just reads "xxxxxxx.tga.dds" when I import it into the editor.

    I tried importing it as a .dds and changing the extension to .tga in the editor which works, but when you have multiple textures in the import section it overwrites the wrong ones and messes itself up. Any suggestions?

    UPDATE: Managed to rename the files inside the editor to .tga and they work, but I have to save after every rename so if you could advise as to an outside the editor renaming solution it would be helpful.

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    Can someone please make me a coloured version of either of these two Data Core wireframes. I don't need specific team colour, I just want them to look roughly like they do in game.


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    posted a message on Prevent units from leaving creep?

    The only way I can think of doing this is via invisible units that act as pathing blockers to only units using one of the unused land collides. You would have to place these on the edges of all creep and make sure all Zerg units have that collide checked.

    This wouldnt prevent players from flying over the units and dropping them off on the other side using an overlord though, and if its a map where players can expand the creep you would need some sort of trigger to track it and rebuild the line.

    I attached a map demonstrating the concept anyways.

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