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    I finally finish my new map. It has some features never implemented before. I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback :) Here is my new map video:


    The best suggestions will be the thought of the week and who suggested will have his/her name displayed on the map (during the week). The "thought of the week" is the only debate that is chosen by voting (and not just randomly like all the other ones). After 1 week, I will get a new "thought of the week" and the current one will be added to the random list.

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    posted a message on I need players to test my New map

    I finally finish my new map, but I really need some people to test it before publishing on battle.net

    The map is about 20 minutes length and cannot be played with less than 5 players. I'm using some "things" never seen before on a map. It took me a LOT of work. Sorry, I don't want to talk much yet. I will make a youtube video about it this week.

    Please, if you can help me testing my map, just add me, or tell me how can I add you.
    Character's name: Rodrigo
    Code: 109

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    posted a message on How to get player name???

    I have the same problem. I NEED TO PUT THE PLAYER NAME INTO A STRING!

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