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    posted a message on Determining if UnitType Has Shields

    So I started using the Set Catalog field value to upgrade units and this works amazingly well.

    But when i use the Get Catalog Field Value I have trouble setting up the action to return the field value I want

    Im trying to have an if action check to see if the current unit type im modifing is set to have shields and if it does have shield I want to set the "ShieldsStart" value.

    If somebody could put up a screen shot of a valid condition that returns true or false depending on whether the unit is configured to use shield would be amazingly help full.

    Does anybody know where i can find documentation on all the catalog values and what kind of value these fields are expressed with such as.... integer,string,real and so forth

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    posted a message on Questions - Countdowns, announcements and blockers

    @PZeplin: Go

    umm.... well you could make a new unit but you prolly dont know how to do that you could

    Preplace one of the destructable pathing blockers on the terrain then in trigger set this destructable doodad = invulnerable
    then have and even trigger at a certain time remove the doodad and allow units through

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    posted a message on Stupid Question :D

    Currently the player possitions in lobby having nothing to do with your number in game how you should do teams in a custom map is as follows

    Set up game varients so you have the correct ammount of teams.

    The teams set up in lobby are correct and allied correctly when the game starts.

    If you need do do stuff with triggers to these teams you need a Player Group Varriable for each team

    Create your player group variables

    Then you need to add the correct players to these Player Group Variables

    Basically you need to loop through all the players in Active Players and add them to the Correct Player Group based off of who those players are allied to.

    It can sounds kinda complicated but once you have all the players in thier respective Player Groups its easy.

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    posted a message on Make a unit drop an item?? How?

    I believe in the data editor under the unit there is a spot to enter what items the unit can drop.

    Or if your like me you set up a trigger for it.

    Event - Any Unit Dies
    Condition - (Type of unit(Triggering Unit)) = "My Type of unit that drops items"
    Action- Create item at point of (tiggering Unit)..... may need to use point of dying unit.

    Using the trigger can allow you to build up a large list of items you want to have the possiblity of dropping can you can write simple logic to determine which item you would like to drop at that point in time.

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    posted a message on Shouldnt this work?

    @booogers: Go

    Your current contition's logic actually says

    (unit owner = 1) and (((unit owner = 2) and (unit owner = 3)))

    should read as follows:
    Unit owner = 3
    Unit owner = 2
    Unit owner = 1

    On a side note you could just check to see if the triggering player is in the Player Group that is allowed to use this region

    Event -any unit enters (region)
    Conditions - Triggering player belongs to (Player Group)

    Actons - Do stuff for triggering player

    Note: Ive found that when a unit triggers an event, you can immediately use the triggering player

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    posted a message on [HELP ME] Dynamic Terrain Textures

    I am looking for a way to dynamically change terrain textures, while in game.

    I have changed the hieght data of terrain dynamically using actors. Is this possible for terrain textures as well.

    I am basically trying to draw a line across the map on the terrain between two points. I could do this with units and such. But it would be perferable to directly change the texture of the terrain 1x1 square at a time untill my two points are connected.

    Doing this with actors would be acceptable.

    I've read this may be possible by moddifying the creep data, but thats a bit over kill.

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    posted a message on Dynamic Point Triggers

    I think I found a bugg with the triggers any help would be appreciated.

    I have a point named Node1 that exists on the map.

    I have a trigger that goes off when ever a unit enters within 3 of Node1

    now when game starts i move Node1 to a random possition on map and then create some effects at Node1.

    The only problem I have is that the Trigger that uses Node1 doesnt Update to the Node1's new coordinates.

    The trigger still goes off when units run through the Node1's original position.

    On the other hand this works when i dynamically move Regions..... But it does not using points.....

    Is there any way to have the trigger update the coordinates it needs to use or should i just rewrite everything to use dynamic regions.

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    posted a message on Starcraft II DotA: Storm of the Imperial Sanctum

    AOS maps for SCII are a waste of time..... Check out League of Legends best AOS/MOBA you will ever find....

    1. Its free

    2. If you get dropped from game you can rejoin

    3. Has a talent system so you can customize your heros

    4. The entire game engine is designed for AOS/MOBA game play.

    5. Its created by the original creator of DOTA and even has some old Blizz staff on thier dev team.

    6. They add new content to the game almost on a weekly basis.

    7. They track hella player statistics.

    If you disagree thats fine, your the ones missing out.

    Worst part about this map your working on is that you call it dota....... you shouldnt be calling it dota unless you have some kinda link to the actually DOTA development team.

    Pick a new name for your map son

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    posted a message on Accumilating Upgrades?

    @Sherubii: Go

    In the upgrade itself you can upgrade the cost of the upgrade.

    First you need to have your upgrade set to have muliple levels of itself. Then in the list of what the upgrade does you need to set the upgrade to add +x to the cost of the upgrade your editing.

    This only works though if the upgrade has multiple levels of itself which requires quite a bit of editing because the standard game upgrade only have 1 level each.

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    posted a message on [XML] How to Uberlisk

    Mrm3fan setting up all the additional settings on the actors other then the events could use some screen shots.... they are not named as you have them in the tutorial.

    such as

    · Impact Map + = Change the Follow:

    · Index: None, Sound: SpineCrawler_AttackImpact

    · Index: Flesh, Model Reaction: SpineCrawler Attack Impact Reaction Flesh

    · Index: LightArmor, Model Reaction: Light Armor Target Impact

    · Index: Metal, Model Reaction: Metal Target Impact

    · Impact Site Ops + = SOpAttachHarness SOpForwardLaunchGuide

    · Lanuch Assets + = Sound: SpineCrawler_AttackLaunch

    · Launch Attachment Query + = Overhead|Center

    · LaunchSite = (Set the Type to Actor and select the respective UberliskSpineCrawlerTentacleLaunchSite for each one.)

    · Launch Site Ops + = SOpAttachOverhead

    · Missile = (Set the Type to Actor and select the respective UberliskRangeAttackMissile for each one.)

    this is where your setting up UberliskSpineAttack

    I can not for the life of me tell which values your actually changing here screen shots would be greatly appreciated

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    posted a message on [XML] How to Uberlisk

    Hey mrm3fan thanx for the reply, one problem though

    it does not let me typing anything into the name field on refset... I go to raw data and actually change the text on the field and it wont let me make changes here as soon as i click to a different field it resests it.

    I can how ever find my actor in the actors list and select it

    but then its missing the ::scope. before it and the Scope after it

    this may have something to do with the recent changes to the editor but im a stickler i only like to guess on so many variables while steping through this.


    Event: MotionPhaseStart Term: MotionPhase Action: RefSet Target= ::Supporter, Name= TentacleAttack(add a 2-5 here for the respective Actors), Source= ::Self

    Action: RefSet Target= ::Supporter???? I can not set the Target of the refset .... if i type in this field the editor resets my current selection and doesnt register any changes

    Name= TentacleAttack(add a 2-5 here for the respective Actors)???? we never set anything to be named "TentacleAttack(2-5)" and these are not available as an option TentacleAttack is....

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    posted a message on [XML] How to Uberlisk

    Hi I have been working on the uberlisk tutorial for several days now.

    Some questions I have

    Event: ActorCreation Action: RefSet Name= ::scope.UberliskRangeAttackMissileScope Source= ::Self

    When setting the refset name = what exactly is this referencing

    (::scope.UberliskRangeAttackMissileScope) is not an option

    (::scope.TentacleAttack) is listed in there but thats because thats the default tentacle missile i believe. and the tutorial never has you create anything with this name

    are you supposed to select this from a list or do you need to type it in to the raw data

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