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    So, I'm new to the custom campaign scene and I have a question for the forum and need help. I downloaded the Vortex of the Void campaign. I created the folders required to play. Those being Mods and Maps. But once I downloaded the files I place them inside the Maps folder, and within the folder I have it inside called Void. For reference I uploaded the mission launcher from the final mission in my files and allowed it update it. I try placing the missions over the shortcut for an alternative way to play the missions. I try to upload the mission but I get a notification on my screen that the map is unable to open. This is the following order of what I did. https://vidmate.cool/ https://showbox.bio/ [C:/Program Files (x86)/Starcraft II/Maps/Void Launcher.SC@Map]. Can someone help my problem? When I load up the editor I see a note from Blizzard giving the gamer a disclaimer about. Specifically I had to accept something. Could it be that? I was sure I accepted the terms and service once I started to play the game.

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