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    How hard would it be to port this to mobile?

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    Did you find your voice actor/actresses? 

    I can't find it but there was someone here awhile ago in this same thread category looking for voice acting job. He also provided a youtube sample of his voices.

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    I watched a twitch streamer long time ago that sometimes played Roblox. He played this Roblox map that I thought was really funny to watch and I think it can provide a lot of content. It is a unique twist on Trivia (If you know this Roblox map, please reply and link). 

    How to play
    This is an FFA game hack-n-slash game with 3 or more players. The objective of the game is to simply kill the most players.... while answering trivia. All players spawn in the center spread out and cannot move. Their screen is locked onto one of the wall where the wall is displaying a random trivia. The trivia questions are setup to have an A and B answer. To answer A, you move to the left, to answer B, you move to the right. After a moment has passed, players gain control of their character and they must answer by walking a few paces to the left or right. During the answering phase, all characters participating cannot see each other, that means you cannot exploit the next stage coming up: Once everyone answered, everyone will be revealed and we move into the battle phase. Players are then put into an A vs B team and fight for the death, kills give you points and being part of the winning team gives you fraction points. After X amount of questions, the specific player who has the most

    On the spot ideas
    As I type this post out of boredom, im thinking of some ideas:
    - To make things even, you can come up with questions that can be interpreted two ways. That way you will always have players choosing both sides.
    - you can probably create a Sudden Death for tie conditions like respawn all the tied 1st players and all FFA.
    - Maybe theres random weak abilities that spawn during each battle
    - Maybe instead of a simple hack-n-slash battle, consider quick mini-games design for two teams. Check out Mario Party or Raynor Party examples.
    - why just 2 answers, maybe 3 or more?
    - How about a question where you have to type a specific number and the people that get it right gets a big boost (and that big boost can be anything to abilities, or more health, or extra points for killing)
    - opposite of previous idea: ppl die on that round if they don't answer the correct number
    - remove the hack-n-slash aspect altogether and just make it into a pseudo You Don't Know Jack type of map. Think of the map: SCDebates

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    -  This is a new space tug of war game. 
    -  4 player FFA 
    -  You upgrade ships and you research new technologies
    -  Home planet screen is the picture above where you choose developments
    -  One innovating feature is the many factions (different characters) you can play that has their own abilities and styles. This is made by another fellow female SC2 mapper alongside her brother. 

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     Project page is well organized and has lots of content PogChamp.
    I love the characters you created! They feel true to the SC cannon.


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    A year ago, Blizzard announced maintenance mode for HotS.


    From reading the news articles about it and comments, I was . Since then however, I always see new content once inawhile on the battle.net launcher? For those that still play HotS what are your thoughts on the game now after a year of that announcement ?

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    Just wanted to promote a collection of sounds from Overwatch I recorded and compiled together:


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    Just another bump to remind those who are still mapping that we're more active in the discord: 

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    Step 1:  Goto the http://www.feed-the-beast.com website and click on Download Now and install

    Step 2: Once you installed the Twitch app, login and then click on Mods

    Step 3: Click the Minecraft logo

    Step 4: Click on Browse Modpacks to access the list of modpacks. You can also search the name of the modpack you want to download.

    Step 5: Click download, wait for it to install then click play

    Step 6: Once the Minecraft launcher popups DO NOT PRESS PLAY, click Launch Options then click on FTB Infinity Evolved.

    Step 7: We want to allocate more RAM otherwise the game will crash. Highlight this area and change it to minimum 4GB or even as high as 8GB.

    Make sure it is: -Xmx#GB and the # is the RAM size. This example I allocated 6GB

    Step 8: Click the Minecraft name, then click Play.

    Step 9: The loading part should take less than 5 minutes. Be Patient!

    Step 10: When you're creating your world for the 1st time. I recommend changing the World Type to "Biomes O' Plenty". This unlocks a lot more scenic biomes. 

    Step 11: Once you load up the world, click on the 4th item in your inventory slot. This is the quest guide book, it will direct you on what items/blocks you need to craft and give you rewards!


     Step 12: Have fun! Here are some youtube series I recommend watching

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    Thank you for reading Seagull! I've been enjoying your streams so far. Anything you play is entertaining to watch!  To end the report, please enjoy this beautiful Minecraft cinematic:

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    Devil Advocate: Why SHOULDN'T you play Minecraft?

    - No save/reload. If your traveling on top of a mountain and fall off, you will instantly die and get teleported back to spawn. If a Creeper blows up your chest anything caught in the explosion is gone. If you're walking around the nether (Hell dimension) trying to kill a Ghast and they knock you to the lava, all your inventory and equipment will burn.
    - Some people can't get used to the "lego" box world. It took me some time to get used to.
    - If you do play Minecraft multiplayer PVP big server on stream, you will generate the biggest stream sniper party out of all the games you've played. If you mute your voice, people will mistake this stream as a Forsen stream.
    - Backseating. This comment is for me, you've been great with the constant backseat in borderlands. I will just get very angry at super expert modpack/minecraft masters. The "no you should place that block here" or "use this mod instead" when the general goal/objective can be achieved many ways.
    - The minecraft modpack takes a minimum 4 minutes no matter how expensive your PC is.
    - Being overwhelm at the many crossroads of what to do! Especially with MC Mod. Fortunately, I have suggested modpacks that includes a quest book that gives you incentives to progress through specific mods.
    - Lack of NPC and voice dialogues and story can make it seem a bit bland and lonely. Fortunately, one modpack I've recommend is for Adventure/Exploration.

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    How to download/install/play Modpack

    1. Download the twitch app and click on Mods. https://app.twitch.tv/download

    2. Click Minecraft

    3. Click on "Browse All Modpacks" then type "roguelike or Enigmatica or Sky Factory" then on install button located on the modpack icon. Installing should only take 3 minutes. Once thats done, the install button will turn into a play button. click it.

    4. Once the launcher popup, you want to change how much ram your computer will run it. My computer is an old grandma 2012 gaming computer so I have to make sure it gives at least 6GB while launching modpacks. Do this too! Click on Launch Options and click on RogueLike adventures.

    5. Here, we want to change the JVM arguments. Yours may look different. The general idea is to highlight the same area I highlighted, and then simply type: 6GB.

    6. Now, click on the Minecraft logo or press X, then click on the green play button on the button. The loading screen should appear (picture below). This will take at least 2 minutes to load.

    7. Congratulations it has loaded! Goto Multiplayer and type in the server IP found in your control panel.

    8. Finally, please goto  http://twitch.tv/quengambit and click that follow button :). Thank you <3

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    Minecraft Feed The beast

    Feed the beast aka FTB is the name of the minecraft community that takes popular mods and puts them together for you in a 1-click installation process. It is now managed by twitch!
    This is where the majority of the content of the minecraft streams will come from. In this path, you will be exposed to new blocks/machines/items/tools/weapons/resources/recipes. Each mod provides their own progression and some mods are synergized to work together! That website holds a lot of modpacks. The following below is my recommended modpacks.

    Modpack: Enigmatica 2. PLAY THIS ONE FIRST An all-in-one modpack filled with tons mods and a guidebook. It has everything from Industrial mods, magic mods, farming mods, storage and sorting, futuristic, scary diablo mods, dragon mods. This modpack makes playing satisfactory/Subnautica/Forest look like a 5 minute demo! Get ready to be backseated by chat and look at gamepedia/youtube.

    Modpack: Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: This modpack is has less to do with being Satisfactory and more of walking simulator/spam right-click hack slash.  This modpack includes more weapons/armor and other worlds to explore.  xQc and moxy played this the scuffed way - by playing 50% of the mods individually.

    Modpack: Sky Factory 3:
    Skyblock style minecraft is a multiplayer custom game mode where individual players start in the sky on a 1 block island with a tree. Using clever parkour and hording strategies, players are to create a cobble generator to create the infinite resource to create their floating platform. In this modpack, you are spawned in a larger island. Instead of gathering resource from the caves and mountains that don't exist anymore, players must use create sieves stations where you throw cobble through it which will give you nuggets of random resources. Skyblock style modpack forces players to carefully optmize their grinding work.


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    Minecraft Hypixel

    Minecraft Hypixel is the name of a massive multiplayer server that houses many PVP oriented mini-games.
    - On the main Minecraft menu, click Multiplayer, click add server, type any name, and then put this on the IP address: mc.hypixel.net
    - Simply right click the compass then click the mini-game you want. You can exit anytime and go back to the lobby.

    This is a list of all the fun mini-games they have:

    Here are my favorite games:

    Bedwars The arena is a bunch of floating sky islands. You and your teammates spawn in an island with 1 bed. Your goal is to quickly gather resources and build bridge to enemy islands and destroy their bed. Destroying a team bed disable their ability to respawn. Last team standing wins. Your main island will constantly drop resources to buy basic items. These sky island arenas are designed to nerf turtling and force expansion because the valuable resources are in the middle neutral islands.

    SkyWars: like bedwars but FFA

    Murder Mystery: Like a phantom mode in Starcraft. You are assigned a role and if your the murderer, you have to go around killing others without being caught.

    Build Battle: players are confined to a large private area where they have few minutes to build a giant item thats voted in the beginning in the match. Afterwards, the game will move to each area showcasing everyone's fast builds and you as a player gets to vote which is a good build. The player with the most high rated votes wins.

    - For more information please visit: https://hypixel.net/play/#games

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