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    posted a message on DaveSpectre's Assets: Stukov Portraits in coop

    I love the assets published here. The ones I like the most are the Co-op Stukov faction portraits, especially because Blizzard was too lazy to make them.


    So... How can I use these (or any other custom model) for co-op mode? It's not considered cheating by


    Thank you for both the assets and for the help.

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    posted a message on Missing textures of custom models and changing textures of default unit models.

    I have two questions:

    How can I change the texture of a preexisting model to a custom texture/skin?


    Also, some custom models I uploaded to the editor get that light blue color indicating that there are missing textures, yet the textures are uploaded to the editor (it happens with some custom models, some are fixed randomly).

    How can I prevent this from happening and how can I fix this?



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