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    Hello! So I've finally decided to start playing StarCraft II after being a moderate Brood War player. Got WoL and HotS. I know I have to read a lot since the game is much different compared to the first installation and I am already doing that but I couldn't find the answer to three questions I have.

    First one - is the community supposed to be that small? Whenever I try joining public games or matchmaking I always have to wait for long until I find someone to play with. Just how active is SCII?

    Second question - I know there's https://omegle.onl/ https://vshare.onl/ differences in units but I've noticed that not all units are available in games. For example I've played some games where there are Medic and Firebat units but not every time. Is this map specific?

    And third and final one - why when playing a custom game vs AI or a friend am I able to make two units at once in a building (protoss) - probe, zealot, etc. but not when playing vs another player? Am I missing something? Is this normal behavior?

    Thanks in advance.

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