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    I have some free time and have always been fascinated by maps and arcade games. I think it would be quite fun to learn how to make maps and add something to my list of things I know how to do. I already am familiar with C++ and Java. What would be the best tutorial for me to learn how to use the map maker?

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    It has been a year and i am fully aware almost nothing has been done to fix literally anything other than bugs.

    My question is whether the modding scene has progressed much in the year since to fix any of Re-forged's problems to make the purchase worth it yet.

    I was initially going to pick up the game (i have the classic version) but right when i was about to on release, a huge wave of hate struck and i backed away from it.

    I ONLY play the game in single player and i never touch the multiplayer. I sometimes jumped into a skirmish against the AI, but i mostly owned the game for the singleplayer campaign. https://nox.tips/

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