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    First of all, thank you for creating this campaign. I really enjoyed playing it.

    Now with the feedback, I noticed a few bugs in the zerg campaign:


    1. There are 2 Kerrigan hero units at the start.

    Void of the Twilight

    1. Barracks Tech Lab upgrade "Stimpack" and "Combat Shields" don't affect War Falcons.
    2. Spetsnaz are too OP, maybe lowering rate of fire should fix it. Also "Sniper Round" ability do less damage than normal attack, I suggest increasing it cost and damage.

    Essence Never Dies

    1. Sakura's "Aggressive Mutation" ability has no effect on Iron Roaches.

    Overall it's a pretty good campaign, it has good quality terrain, interesting story and a lot of new units. Keep up the good work! Saludos desde Chile!



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