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    In WC3 there was a TD that was called Bayus. It had several versions but the latest was Bayus Firestorm TD A102.

    Link here: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/247673/


    This was one of my all time favorite maps to play in WC3 for the main reason that it wasn't just a TD, or that it required teamwork, or that it was a coop style game that you can all work together, it was that even if someone messed up, or the wrong damage type let a whole bunch of creeps, they made their way into a town and no lives were lost. A last battle of heroes that had levels, custom skills, and items, took place and as a team you worked together to kill every leak. The best part was there was dozens of heroes to choose from and what ever type of hero you picked (undead, human, etc) determined your type of buildings you made for the TD portion of the map. 


    This also had boss levels and if you let a boss through (mainly bc they only went down main path and you usually dont centralize your damage) it was a battle of heroes and when/if you kill the boss it had epic loot drops. This all lead up to a final boss that would probably get in unless you somehow had an epic setup, and then it would kill all of your towers and it came down to hero vs boss end round battle.


    If there is ANYTHING close to this for SC2 im open to suggestions. If not I highly recommend someone get on top of this bc there is so much more potential in SC2. This map still holds up today and I will fire up some WC3 just to play this map and definitely will play it at Quakecon this year.


    So please, if anyone thinks they can re-create this all time favorite, classic, re-playable map (going on over 10 years now), do a remake of this or make something similar bc/ i havnt found anything close yet.

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