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    posted a message on BUG whit public lobby.

    Finally, it's solved.


    It was a problem because of the language. I changed all regions to English and now it works well.


    This editor is going to kill me one of these days ...xD

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    posted a message on BUG whit public lobby.



    I was testing a map and everything was fine when suddenly after a little update a bug appears in the lobby inexplicably ...


    This bug causes that when I create a public lobby with this map, the races are invisible to other players.

    But for me everything is fine, I can see and change the race even if I leave and enter the lobby  without being the host.


    On the editor when i put the game in French (my region language) all its ok whit variants set.



    This is what happens when I turn the editor in English :




     All variant configuration parameters have disappeared and i can only choose colors ...


    I have try to publish the map in French and in English, change my region language, but this change nothing, the bug is still there and people can see or choose race in the lobby...




    Any ideas ?(I work whit Windows 7 Pro)

    Perhaps another fatal bug of the consanguineous donkeys from Blizzard ?

    thx in advance

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    posted a message on Problems whit Lobby, Starting Position and Teams

    Hello there,


    I want to make a simple thing.

    Well it seems simple... Everything is a horror to configure with this editor... 



    I have created a [3v3] map with two teams that have their starting location fixed.

    The three players of Team 1(p1,p2,p3) start whit starting positions in the North of the map and the three players of Team 2 (p4,p5,p6) start whit starting positions in the South.

    I want to make it possible to be able to change the players of teams in the lobby before lauching a game.


    I tried a bunch of configurations whit the variants of the map, team locked, not locked, position set,etc in the data etc.

    but no way...

    When I change a player place in the lobby it has no effect in game.




     For example if a third player arrives in the lobby in the grid of Team 1, he will be considered by the lobby as Player 3 ingame.

    Even if I change his place and position him in the grid of Team 2 before launching the game he will start ingame

    whit shared vision whit the Team 2 BUT with the Starting Position of Player 3 (North) instead of being, as I want it and logically, in the Starting Positions of Players 4,5 or 6 (South) being in Team 2


    So, how to make the lobby change the starting position of the player when he is positioned in the grid of the other team before launching the game ?



    First of all I would like to know if it is just possible to do this, I know that the SC2 editor has a lot of hidden limitations and I would like to avoid wasting my time looking for a solution for nothing.


    If it's possible to do that, please help me.^^


    Thx in advance.


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    posted a message on Where is the formation trigger from patch 4.13 ?

    Hi, ^^


    Thank you very much for the tip ;]

    But you still need to configure a few settings for this to work.

    I think we have to do something with the "preset variables".


    Ah Blizzard ... these *** they could have indicated what the trigger was in their patch note ... anyway, thank you again.

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    posted a message on Where is the formation trigger from patch 4.13 ?

    Hello everyone,


    I wanted to make a map with waves of units for AI players moving on the field in formation.


    So, I looked for a long time where was the trigger to configure square formation of units groups promised by Blizzard with patch 4.13 but I couldn't find anything in the list of triggers or actions. 


    I also looked in the data and the only thing I found was it in list of the "game data" tab :


    (Source #Default SC2 Gameplay Settings Void.SC2Mod

    Source # Dflt Core.SC2Mod  And  

    Source #CGame Core.SC2Mod)


    Where you can change :


    -formation diameter (air) 

    -formation diameter (mixed)

    -formation separation factor



    I have tried changing these settings but it has no effect in game.





    So, do we have to tie this data to a player in the triggers ? If it's the case, how ?

    Or is there another place in the editor that I haven't seen where we can configure square unit formations ?

    Or maybe this option just doesn't exist whit the melee map settings (I often work with)?


    In any case, thank you in advance to those who could help me understand all this better.  ^^

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