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    Sounds like a model issue. 


    If you are using a default working actor say a marine or other standard unit, can you simply change the model of the marine or other standard unit to the igloo? If that doesn't work it's some incompatibility with the model itself and requires actual 3d editing of the model. 


    That is outside the scope of DATA and requires a modeler and the tools and programs needed to create and/or edit .m3 files.


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    First: On your upgrade is a max level field. Modify that to 3. 


    Second: You'll need to modify what the upgrade does. You select the unit SCV, and you would scroll down until you find the units movement speed. To get the desired effect you would want to use a multiply operation.


    Third: You need to properly setup requirements for the button to show up wherever you're upgrade is located. The two types of requirements are Use and ShowUse Requirements are the conditions that must be met to use the button. In other words the button will be greyed out if the conditions are not met. Show Requirements are the conditions that must be met for the button to actually show up on the unit, otherwise you won't even see the upgrade button.


    Lastly: You need to setup the upgrade in a Research ability. Here you will setup the button icon, the requirement, time, cost etc, and the actual upgrade it self. It's helpful to name all of them the same name, preferably with a prefix so you know how to keep track of what is what. 


    Here is a link to an older post on how to do upgrades. I gave you the summary but this link should go in depth on how to accomplish what I just told you.



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    Paralells is the best program out there.... I am running an old OSX, Mavericks to be specific and so I wanted to make sure I ran an older Paralells. (The latest Paralells does not support Mavericks)


    I got windows 7 for about 30 or 40 bucks, and Parallels 9 for 15 bucks. Only place I could find Paralells 9 was on amazon.com and I had to order it through the mail. I couldn't just get the product key. (figures :P) 


    Anyway, it came in the mail everything works great! Its a bit slower then running Galaxy directly from your mac but its better then nothing. 


    https://www.amazon.com/Parallels-Desktop-9-for-Mac/dp/B00ENFVLAQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491554022&sr=8-1&keywords=parallels 9


    However, if you want to run windows 10, you might need a newer version of Paralells, Just make sure whatever version of OSX and windows you are running, you get the corresponding paralells to go with it. That's why I went for 9 because I'm running Mavericks and windows 7, two older OS's. 

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