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    posted a message on Void units not showing in Data Sources !

    While i tried pretty much every dependency and their combos. Void data sources aka void units not showing. Any idea how to fix this ?

    It is annoying. Yes i am logged and i did load map. 


    Thank you very much !!!

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    posted a message on Any idea how to set player properties in mod ?

    I want to make a mod, in which i can control both my side and the ai's. And they will be both enemies. I know about player properties, but they are not showing, since it's a mod! I also checked triggers, but i can't find how to do it. 


    Aah found it - action alliance aspect. But now i want to make ai to not play. 


    Thanks !

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    posted a message on Missing Void units on Void, or Multi Void mod on so on...

    I made first mod, which is supposed to bring HOTS Chrono Boost into LOTV and my second mod, which is supposed to bring 8 worker start into LOTV and HOTS Chrono Boost. However not working as intended...


    I have problem with my second mod… Because i am missing Command Center, when i create mod as Void. Or as Void/Multi Void. Or as Liberty, Swarm, Void, Multi Void. Or as Liberty, Swarm, Multi Void. I don’t have Void Command Center in data editor either way…


    I found if i add only Multi Void, than i have Multi Void Command Center, which works in Void, but if i add Void dependency, it disappear. Also there is a problem on Multi Void mod Nexus doesn’t work correctly and has higher energy regeration rate, when Chrono Boost is active… Even i changed Behavior modification/rate multiplier to 1 for every value. And i have under Nexus: Nexus - Chrono Boost Cost, showing under abilities and behavior, instead Nexus - Chrono Boost, which is showing on Void mod. So Multi Void has broken Nexus and Chrono Boost!

    Also after i found about increased energy regeneration rate during Chrono Boost in second mod. I checked my first mod. While Chrono Boost duration was correct and efficiency… Energy regeneration rate slightly is off. Because one 25 Chrono Boost regenerates 31.74 real time seconds. And i got second Chrono Boost at 1 minute. While it shouldn’t be sooner than in 1:03. I have no idea why is that, i checked all blue/green values and even grey and didn’t find anything that could possible cause it. Also it is annoying Void units not showing, because that only complicated things and my second mod not working correctly… I would have to make 2 mods one for 8 worker start for Terran and one for 8 workers start for

    Protoss. While it still doesn’t solve nexus energy regeneration issue…


    In my first mod i have set:
    units/nexus: starting energy 0
    max energy 200

    nexus/chrono boost behavior:
    behavior modification:
    stats: unit duration 20
    unit time scale 1.5

    nexus/abilities/chrono boost
    cost cost^+ Vitals/energy cost 25


    While what i did not changed:
    default nexus energy 0.5625 = 0.7875 real time !


    And that’s it, i have no idea than why energy regen is slitghtly off in my first mod… Because there is nothing else to change and logically that should be all. Also rate multiplier is on 1 in my first mod and greyed out, not sure if it is used. Maybe there is another hidden varible, but couldn’t find anything that could possible cause that !!! I also tested when 2nd Chrono Boost hits in HOTS and it hit at correct timing. Strange as hell…


    It is working now since balance mod showed in dependencies, but Void mod is missing units, or void multi mod. That's still problem.

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