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    Hey folks, I'm looking for people who might want to try testing unbalanced and occasionally silly maps.

    I make maps to play custom games with friends. These maps often have quirks that are pretty nonstandard, expansions with an abundance of a single resource but lacking another. Fields of line of sight blockers, second/primary expansions that are hard to wall off, ect... 

    Naturally one of the friends has lamented the lack of balance involved with these sub-par maps. He is very right, but does not share my love of stupid maps

    I would like to see how balanced these maps actually are, and to do this I would be looking for people who are roughly similar skill levels to try playing some games on these maps to see if I can find some patterns or at the very least acquire data.

    I am totally willing to work to try to balance these maps, but these map are intended to be very different than blizzard maps. 
    For instance,  ladder maps I really liked include Battle on the Boardwalk, and Dreamcatcher. 

    My battle-net name is Uristmcary#1684. Feel free to hit me up. 

    I think I attached some pictures of some of the maps I made

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