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     Time to play!

    1. Download the twitch app and click on Mods.(yuck i know, its stupid, you can't watch Vods, you can't send messages, you can't see bttv, sometimes it is a retard like you).  https://app.twitch.tv/download

    2. Click Minecraft

    3. Click on "Browse All Modpacks" then type "roguelike" then on install button located on the modpack icon. Installing should only take 3 minutes. Once thats done, the install button will turn into a play button. click it.

    4. Once the launcher popup, you want to change how much ram your computer will run it. My computer is an old grandma 2012 gaming computer so I have to make sure it gives at least 6GB while launching modpacks. Do this too! Click on Launch Options and click on RogueLike adventures.

    5. Here, we want to change the JVM arguments. Yours may look different. The general idea is to highlight the same area I highlighted, and then simply type: 6GB.

    6. Now, click on the Minecraft logo or press X, then click on the green play button on the button. The loading screen should appear (picture below). This will take at least 2 minutes to load.

    7. Congratulations it has loaded! Goto Multiplayer and type in the server IP found in your control panel.

    8. Finally, please goto  http://twitch.tv/notqueengambit and click that follow button :). Thank you <3

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    Just have money 4Head

    1. Refund whatever paid host you used. If you can't refund it,  I could try setting it up for you. It will take time and also I would need whatever username/passwords and FTP access information they gave you.

    2. Next, grab some water and food and goto this youtube link and listen to this playlist while you are setting up :)

    3. Next, goto this website: https://www.creeperhost.net/ This is the paid server company I used for your server and for personal use. We want to create a modded server. Click on the picture that says "Modded Minecraft Order".

    4. Enter the name of your server (type anything). Next, drag the green bar to the very right until it says "custom players". This will unlock a hidden button on the right. Click this hidden button called "Select Package."

    5. Choose your server hardware. I would recommend minimum 6GB.



    6. Next, you want to type in the modpack you want them to install. Type: "Roguelike" and it will give you a long list of results. Choose the one on the very top of the results, that is the latest version (1.21 zip). Then choose your location Los Angeles.

    7. At the bottom of this website, fill out the form. This website takes card or paypal. if you're going to pay paypal. I would recommend using the mailing address you use for your paypal and the email address you use for your paypal.
    Once you click order, a popup window will appear. That window will show you your bill receipt and give you the options on how to pay. This is where you can add your card information or use paypal. You can choose "checkout paypal" or "subscribe paypal". I would RECOMMEND checkout Paypal.

    7. After you paid, you have to wait at least 15 minutes for the company to setup your server. Afterwards, goto website: https://panel.creeper.host/login


    8. This is the Control panel of your server. You want to click on "Create Instance" to start it up. It will ask you for name/label for it on your control panel, type anything. Once you hit okay, give it a few minutes to set up. The server picture below took me 3 minutes to start it up. For your modded minecraft server, the initial startup load is probably going to be 10+ minutes. It may even crash. If that happens, click on the orange button on the top right to restart it. You may see a lot of errors in the console while its loading. This is normal. Finally, the IP address is the one below the name you gave it. For example my ip address is "QueenGambit.playat.ch"




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