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    posted a message on Do you know where I can find this in the editor?

    Those little mossy 3d animated clumps of grass that appear in the campaign frequently. I searched everywhere in the editor and I feel really dumb asking this, but where are they? What's their doodad name?


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    posted a message on A final word on doodads in SC2
    Quote from OutsiderXE: Go

    The scale itself shouldn't matter, but the polygons do and bigger doodads usually have more polygons. I don't know any exact numbers for performance but a good ruleis to study blizzard maps and see how many doodads they have; melee maps usually have fewer doodads than campaign maps, but that's not only because of the latency in multiplayer, it's mostly to keep the screen as clean as possible so the players don't lose focus.

    It's for an arcade map, so there will be generally last units at any given time than a melee map.

    But in terms of polygons, would you say that 3-4 thousand small/medium doodads are heavier on the polys than 2000 larger/better ones?

    I read somewhere that SC2 on average can handle up to 16,000 actors in a game, and that some maps are playing with an excess of 4, 5, and 6 thousand doodads without problems for most but the lowest end pcs.

    Are these numbers accurate even? Otherwise what is a good number of doodads if such a thing even exists?

    Either way, thank you both for the feedback.

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    posted a message on A final word on doodads in SC2


    I've done a lot of reading on the subject of new doodads in SC2, and I didn't get the feeling that there is a rule or consensus besides the obvious one, which is don't put too many in one screen.

    Can you please help me understand just how badly doodads can affect the performance? For example, are 3-4000 small to medium doodads better than 2000 larger doodads to fill up the space of a map?

    Alternatively, let me tell you my predicament.

    I'm new to terraining on SC2. Currently working on a 184 x 184 map that's floating between 2000-2300 doodads, spread out evenly. I'm using larger doodads (both large/higher quality doodads but also small doodads resized to be larger) to fill out the space rather than resorting to many small ones. The animated doodads are kept to the minimum obviously.

    Also about 300-400+ of those doodads occupy the space around the edge of the map that is partially visible but not playable.

    My machine can run this map easily, but I want to ensure the performance of most players is not affected that much either.

    Any insight would be really helpful. TY.

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