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    I was wondering if anyone knows of an ADD-On to the Map Tutorial with SC2 that helps guide you through the map editor. I know there are a number of video and guides but it's somewhat annoying to keep switching from one to the other. I just want something that's there with me (like microsoft's stupid little clippy, i hate him) to g https://omegle.onl/uide me through how to make maps.

    The last map editor i played with was the original anthology's. I was moderatel https://xender.vip/y good at it, I could make triggers make some sense (though for some reason my brain doesnt think in miliseconds). I know this (and the war 3 editor) require a lot more knowledge than that other editor.

    issue got solved

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     I am trying to set up a normal melee 1v1 map (using lost temple). All I want to change is for a random 4 units have their prices reduced by 30 % for both players (The same units for both players). I ca nnot figure out how to change unit costs through an action on map load. I am a super noob to the editor.

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