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    posted a message on Ai need a rest place survival map :(

    I try to build a survival map and i want my AI comp not destroyed by any players, so i put his location out of bounds

    however when i test the game i found that AI comp back in bounds.


    Can anyone tell me how can i  make my Ai comp survive and not appear into map.

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    posted a message on Help !! Menu Button is Gone why ?? :(

    When i test my game i lost my Menu button and got an error message see below here:


    UI: File[Coop_GameMenuDialog.SC2Layout] Line[7]Column[5FrameDesc[GameMenuDialogTemplate/EndGamePanel/QuitButton/Button]can not overwrite locked Frame Desc [CFrameDesc].


    Can anyone help me how to activated my Menu button again :(

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    posted a message on Help my alliance moving arround !!! :(

    I created an allies comp and i put those units to defend the front door, when i test the game i found they are not defend the front door

    but they just keep walking away.


    So my questions is how can i make my allies units not moving arround the floor, i mean just standing there to defend the door.

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