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    posted a message on [Recruiting][Paid] Map or Mod for Swiss Round pairings

    Hello SC2Mapsters!


    I am Mraptor, been playing this game for a good while and will soon announce a tournament.


    I have been thinking of various ways to make different pairing outputs and have viewed other types of formats and other games. One caught my attention big time which was a "A Link To The Past Randomizer" tournament using the Swiss Round Robin into a final bracket.


    If you are not familiar with the game, basically it is "A Link To The Past" but where every chest in the game has random items.


    Something they do that bring a lot of hype in my opinion is their "Swiss Pairing Reveal Stream". They use the random chests instead to put names of participants. They have two speedrunners running their custom random version and every chest reveals a name, pauses the game for five seconds, then the next chest opened (whether on runner A or B game) is paired with that name. Here is a video if you want to understand better:


    I have no real idea of how to apply it with SC2, which is why I call upon your knowledge and skills to do this together if you are interested. I am sure that once a map or mod is released, a bunch of Swiss Style tournaments could emerge and use this.

    I know that work is time, and time is money.


    If you are interested in working with me on this, feel free to reach out to me and we will discuss terms together.

    Mail :
    Discord : Mraptor#2860
    Twitter : @MraptorSC2


    Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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