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    I'm playing through Mass Recall and it's riddled with bugs, so I like to go in and fix whatever I discover (cuz that project seems dead or at least not accepting contributions).

    I was messing around with the editor, and I wanted to do something simple to get more familiar with the editor.


    Decided to add Protoss Shields level 4 upgrade. Managed to get it in the game, but its behaving weirdly.

    I can research it, but it does not apply to all units.


    Like you can see here that the dragoon is listed in the upgrade's unit list, but it does not apply to the dragoon in game.


    So I looked at the effects of the upgrade - and indeed the dragoon is missing.


    Okay, that kinda makes sense...

    Except... it's also missing from Shields level 3 and that gets applied to the dragoon.

    And what's weirder - if I manually add the effects for the Dragoon, it works in game, but they don't show up in the editor! (Like if you add the effect it shows up, but if you navigate away from that page, and then back to it, it's not there anymore.)


    What the heck is going on here?

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