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    posted a message on i got questions for s2 map editor

    i tried to open some heroes of the storm files. but some files are not working.

    For example

    1. I can see the graphic model of hero (it was qhira) but the requiredanims.file of it is not working

    2. Recently made heroes of the storm files (like hogger, deathwing) shows nothing on sc2 editor

    was there some changes on sc2 editor? or is it just a problem of hots?

    any solution?

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    posted a message on 4 Player maps - Question

    As a Zerg, I know these kinds of maps inherently help Zerg players as it makes cannon rushes and proxy play more difficult. I'm wondering if this was commented on by the design team or if mine is the only rationale? Input by members of other races would be great!


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    posted a message on Help With Easy Editor project

    I am trying to set up a normal melee 1v1 map (using lost temple). All I want to chang  is for a random 4 units have their prices reduced by 30 % for both players (The same units for both players). I cannot figure out how to change unit costs through an action on map load. I am a super noob to the editor.  https://vshare.onl/


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    posted a message on Looking for a good custom maps.

    We used to play a lot of custom maps with friends years back and now we got into WC3 Frozen Throne again so I'm asking for good map suggestions.

    We like: Hero defence (X Hero Siege) - defending some base or ourselves while being overrun by monsters. Competetive TD where you have your own line and you fight other players by sending them mobs. Our favorite is also "Bayus TD BestCafe" where you play TD and those enemies who get through you need to defeat with heroes. The last one is Hero Arena, where we can fight each other with heroes.

    We enjoy almost anything except for classic RTS. We'll be glad for even the most known maps (there's a good chance that we don't know it yet). It's 4 of us. I will be glad for any suggestion, thanks for help.

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