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     Nothing. You got me. In fact, even if it were 100% free of legal gray area, nothing is really preventing Blizzard from taking down any map uploaded to their servers. We're at the mercy of our overlords.
    lol, but in all seriousness: Not really worried. Poor Arcade optimization and Lazy Blizz Mods most likely means it wont be touched. If it's taken down, I'll just modify and re-upload. Add an accent over a vowel in the names and do a color pallet swap. 100% original characters, don't steal. XD 
    I would also just release a fully editable version if they really tried to keep me down, that way people could just publish it themselves and play with their friends. Not interested in becoming known. Just wanna have a good time and sad about the state of DBZ RPG's. Rather than just complain, trying to do something about it.
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    Cool! Thanks for the input. I just got some of vegeta's starting area going, writing triggers and working on a space skybox around the area to prevent immersion loss, and i don't want the camera to clip through it.
    Just some bare bone basics for the freeza station (also the station he'll be stealing the saiyan pod from to get to namek). Vegeta is behind the force field as he will start off (for now) training while Nappa waits.
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    Working on a re-imagining of DBZ All Sagas (story, cutscenes, custom models/rips, Custom animation/attacks/abilities, stats/items etc etc etc).


    Real question is... Who would actually be interested in playing it?


    Radditz Saga is Mostly Done. Needs to be fine-tuned. Radditz boss fight is rather... lackluster in my opinion and will be spiced up.


    Playable characters: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks 

    Working Characters/Stories: Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta (although I'm modifying Vegeta's start)

    Goku and Gohan Start together Heading to Kame House

    Piccolo Starts Alone, Training.

    Vegeta has his own starting story based in space with Nappa

    Trunks will follow the History of Trunks storyline until he goes "back in time" after the freeza saga.


    Training: PvP (aka train with a partner. Most likely in designated zones, but we'll see), Mob fighting, Bosses, Quests, maybe more?


    Custom Abilities: Skill Shot Ki Blasts, Kamehameha (working, not finished), Double Sunday (working, not finished), Galick Gun (working, not finished), Ki Barrage/Volley (working, may changed), Special Beam Cannon (Kinda?) . 


    Planned Abilities (some may have placeholders which are functional ingame): Dash/Charging Strike (placeholder), Dodge/Blink/Evade skill(placeholder), Trunks Sword based Skills (Trunks will be able to switch between wielding his sword for more melee oriented playstyle), More Boss themed attacks (radditz mouth blast, freeza death beam, etc)


    Snake Way is done and working perfectly.


    Here are the models I've already put in the game. Location is where Future Trunks starting Zone WILL be.  Giant Bug and bug characters represent the Bug Planet people that Vegeta and Nappa destroy after being put in jail, etc.

    Can you guess where Namek is on the mini map? haha 

    Camera View in-game (WiP)



    Anyways, Let me know if you would be interested in seeing this finished, testing it with me, or w.e. I'll eventually do a playthrough video to demo it a bit. 

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