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    posted a message on hello there ^^

    How are you all doing? :) how's this site? who's the most active? I just thought to Introduce in here.

    Yup, It's Veratai (like here and in deviant art), but I'm also Misha on Hive Workshop. I'm a dude who does models from scratch or heavily edits those already made by Blizz guys, Buut, animating, texture-making, and implementing models into starcraft 2, are not my strong sides.. so.. who would be able to help me finish up my cinematic Protoss dragoon model? it probably could be done with Immortal's anims, but then again, i would really like if the animations were custom to a degree, from start to finish

    gotta warn you though that i am kiiinda a picky person =/ not content with just 'working model'.. so better that people know me well, right from the start ^^

    EDIT: and.. how can i get rid of this 'regular shmoe' thing? O_o

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