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    posted a message on Looking for a map developper (space MOBA)

    Hello, I'm LionInCage, part of a competitive scene, of a slowly dying game. This game is a space MOBA arcade that is now 8 years old, that has seen many developpers after the original map maker has gone MIA.


    Who we need is a developper that is  willing to get a grasp on the game spirit, willing to communicate, and able to connect/react once a week if necessary. He needs coding knowledge as the game is secured and partly designed with coding, and he will have to apply a set of changes from an old to the current game version, and then develop the game further. Everything else is negotiable. 


    If you're interested or want more informations, you can contact me here, or via:

    in-game: OGKush#2823

    Discord: LionInCage#3851

    I play on europe server aswell as NA, and I'm available most days from about 5pm to 9pm GMT.

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