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    posted a message on What makes a map good or bad?

    I'm just getting into working with the editor and while I'm particularly interested in AI programming, I'm also curious as to what more seasoned veterans think makes a map good or bad.

    Do you like it if:

    1. It has two entrances into the natural or just one?

    2. It has a direct path, or no direct path, to the enemy start?

    3. Lots of choke points or very few?

    4. Good snipe or drop spots?

    ... honestly, I'm new enough to Starcraft 2 that I don't really know what makes any given map 'good' or 'bad'... I just know what I tend to see (Catallena LE is pretty much the iconic map that I've experienced/seen as yet) and I'd like to hear what makes one map stand out from another for y'all!

    Like... when you see a new map, what are the things that you look for that makes you tilt your head and think "ooo, I could use that... this is gonna be interesting..."

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