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    posted a message on Dear Masters players of SC, how much time/effort did it take you to break into Masters??


    I am curious as to how much effort/time it takes to break into Masters. Obviously there is no precise answer and it will vary from person to person (i.e., the old adage that performance is a function of ability and motivation.)

    Regardless, I thought I'd informally ask you here at Reddit SC2 how much effort did it take you in the past? I'm hoping to use this as a rough estimate of how much effort, on average, it will likely take any given individual. https://omegle.onl/

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    I quite enjoyed it. But the camera is zoomed in really close, which becomes weird in the very end of the mission, where you have an actual base and an army. You can probably find a better model for the infested boss somewhere here on master, by the way.

    This first mission does leave me wondering, when the hell this takes place within the lore and if Baldwin's backstory relates to the Guild Wars and what this romegle ebel group is to the Dominion. All the established lore – you can connect it to your campaign and it would help out with understanding the situation. Also, is Reeves a ghost?

     i agree!!

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    I'm an independent researcher looking to create a series machine learning algorithms that utilize the sc2 map editor to procedurally generate maps and replays. I've yet to read through the documentation so perhaps I'll find the answer there, but I thought it prudent just to ask if these tasks are even possible within the editor. If so, I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.


    Thank you for your time.

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